Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Mon, Oct 02, 2023

RTC History --- 1991 thru 1995

1991 History

These years saw RTC tie the Villages with Marcia Perry and Joan Malmquist being the No. 1 women's team.   There is also news of travel to Marin for matches.

The names often mentioned at this time were Shirley Douglass who it was said might have considered taking part in less active games but in reality had 5 trophies at home, and Les Rodney and Stillson Judah, octogenarians who were ranked nationally.

1992 History

By this year the club had grown to 321 members.   One news article expressed  thanks for the fax machine owned by S.J. Huang who printed out the schedules.   In articles given to RTC by Sprio Farrugio we learn of the dedication and celebration of the new courts.

1993 History

This year saw Carol & Mel Smith chairing the holiday party.   There was open tennis for the 3.5 players on Wednesday afternoons.   Spiro Farrugia and Arnie Markman handled the Wild Card tournaments and it is mentioned that this will be much easier in the future because some computer experts in the club will take over the format.

1994 History

The Mixed Doubles Tournament weekend was in the news with the play being divided into flights: red, yellow, blue   The names Spiro Farrugia, Pat Hyde, and Helen Sih are listed as winners.

1995 History

There was talk of having a senior court during open tennis to allow people to play together who wanted to play less strenuously because the goal was to include everybody when allocating courts.

Plans were in the mix for the September cocktail party in the Court of Flags with a nautical theme.   Those who had served in the navy were encouraged to wear their old sailor suits—should they fit.

Wild card was on the second Tuesday of the month!