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Fri, Apr 19, 2024

RTC History --- 2001 thru 2005

2001 History

Jack Bell was president.   Gail Strack was going to contact new members to make them feel comfortable with their new club and its activities.   Shirley Douglass continued to play tennis twice a week at the age of 92.  She was the Rossmoor Tennis Club's doubles champion in 1988, 1989, and 1994.  A party was also planned for Les Rodney's 90th birthday.   A hardy group!!!  

This year because of national events earlier in the year all themes were red, white, and blue.  

A Mixed Doubles King and Queen Tournament was planned to replace the Married Couples Tournament.  It was followed by a cocktail party.  Rain?  That would not be a problem because the party would be held anyway.  The Ball Team continued to roll.  It was made up of Marie Lowell, Mary Bell, Pat Hyde, Claire Blue, Barbara May, and Carol Smith.  Barbara May and Betty Cook were organizing an over 65 Super Seniors USTA team.   Barbara May won the club's Doubles Tournament in May and  was double dipping because she was  also winning golf awards.  This year Ralf Parton and Betty Cook won the Sadie Hawkins Day Tournament.   On July 21 was the Annual Men's Doubles Tournament.  Red flight winners Bobby Frankel and Bob Landwehr  tied for first. and Jerry McConnell, L.Y. Lee, Joe Starr, and Jerry Cohen  tied for second.   Blue flight winners were Eliot Gerbe  first,  and Ralf Parton and Bob Juengert who tied for second.   Twenty-four Rossmoor members played against Summerset but  lost 13-11.  Charbot Canyon,  The Villages, and Valley Vista all came to play during the year. 

The club held their first crab feed at Gateway this year.    At the last social event of the year Jack Bell & Winnie Welton  won the service awards named for Steven Loeb.    Jack won because of the many hours he spent working with GRF to improve the courts and surrounding areas.

2002 History

The year opened with lots of rain and not much tennis news until Bob Juengert and Barbara May started organizing USTA super senior clubs for those 65 and older.    The Married Couples tournament was replaced by the Odd Couples Tournament. which was won by Eric Anschutz and Betty Cook after which everyone went to Sue Loeb's garage for a party.    This became a very popular venue.  Wild Card was continued an extension of Open Tennis--open to anyone at Rossmoor, not just members of RTC.    In addition to having Open Tennis on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9-11:00 it was also held on Wednesday afternoons from 2-4.    The first Memorial Day Tournament was held with Joe Potozkin and Diane Rushing winning.   Grillmaster?   Melba Smith.  

Jerry McConnell arranged for a demonstration of new rackets after one of the gatherings.   A lobster feed was planned for April 5 at Del Valle for $25 a person.    Later in the year there was talk of a crab feed as well.  

The website was and it was sponsored by Rossmoor Realty.  Webmaster?  Joan Warren.  Members were encouraged to visit it.  

At the end of the year President Eric Anshutz thanked everyone for all that had been accomplished this year.

2003 History

The year began with a crab fest with 8 past presidents in attendance.   The BALL team came in first place for the region.   The women’s and men’s USTA teams rolled on and the club team “demolished” Trilogy.    Eric Anschutz urged them to log on the new website. 

Eric Anschutz commented in the Rossmoor News column about "Nancy's Corner" a glassed enclosure for seasonal decorations  maintained by Nancy McConnell.  To quote Eric, "It's efforts like this that make our tennis club something special."  Let's add to that the summer Saturday BBQs with Mel Smith at the grill.  

It was announced at the general meeting  in May that  there was the possibility of installing lights on courts 5 & 6 at Buckeye, toilet facilities at Buckeye, and even tent-like covers for 2 of the courts to protect against winter rains.  It was even suggested that GRF might consider 2 additional courts at  Buckeye to make up for the loss of the 2 Creekside courts in the event of a planned extension of the Creekside complex.  Stay tuned.

2004 History

A hot gift comes our way --- Tennis Women of Rossmoor 2005

A hot gift item in 2004 was the RTC Calendar Girls' production for 2005 with each month represented by one the ladies of the club. Angie Dometrovich found the t-shirts, Duke Robinson was the organizer and the writer of the quips, Bobby Frankel was the "dirty old man" in each photo, Mike DiCaro took the photos, and Betty Cook masterminded the selling at Lafayette's Trader Joes and Barnes and Nobel Books. Over $50,000 was raised and presented to Breast Cancer Action of San Francisco.  The girls, one for each month, were Elaine Wyman, Pat Wheaton, Janice Ottey Pat Hanson, Claire Blue, Bobbie McKenzie, Ginny Seevers, Angie Dometrovich, Barbara Robinson, Nancy McConnell, Nelly Sawczuk, and Jinna Davis.

In gratitude Breast Cancer Action gave an oak tree with plaque to the club.  Rich Perona , GRF Landscape Manager, oversaw the planting near what was court 6 at the time.  In the words of BCA Executive Director Barbara Brenner, "What the Rossmoor Tennis Club has down with this spectacularly funny,  spectacularly done calendar is make sure that BCA will continue to be here as long as people need us."  A very proud moment for RTC!

RTC Calendar Girls Pictures:

Other 2004 History Pictures:

2005 History

The Spring Fling had a French theme.   It was chaired by Angie Dometrovich along with Claire Blue and Jinna Davis. Mary Kay McClure and Pat Hyde emceed.   The highlight was the Can Can performed by the following dancers in drag: Bobby Frankel, Jerry McConnell, Jack Landman, Jack Bell, Ron Wyman, Duke Robinson, Bob Remedios, Hal Rutledge, Ping Tse, Lou Young, Harry Lowell, and Don Liddle.   They ended their lovely dance by moving through the audience to collect money to help finance the USTA ladies' trip to Kansas City.

Still in a theme mood the club celebrated the April Wild Card Tournament by having 2 flights called the Deductibles and the Refunds.   This was the year of the first Newcomers Tournament.

Ah, Kansas City! The Super Senior Ladies Team played there where 800 players (3.0-6.0) from around the country gathered to compete on 6 venues in Missouri and Kansas. We were proud! Despite being the oldest group there they were the best dressed as they wore white skirts and white and teal tops designed and made by Clair Blue. Jerry McConnell was the coach and Betty Cook the captain of the team which consisted of Betty, Claire, Angie Dometrovich, Marie Lowell, Barbara May, Marcia Perry, Mary Bell, and Carol Smith.

The Wild Card Championship match was held in December with Nancy Peterson and Ron Wyman winning. In the USTA Second Annual ARG Senior Challenge in Lafayette with Dennis Caren being a winner and Chris Christopher was the overall winner of the same tournament.