Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Apr 19, 2024

RTC History --- 2006 thru 2010

2006 History

Don Liddle came on board as president with the  plan of improving the facilities and increasing membership.  He reported to the membership that Buckeye courts 1,2,3,4 would be widened and resurfaced.  Low fences would be added plus electricity and water fountains.  At a later GRF meeting Don made a power-point presentation to stress the need for facility improvement along with Plexicushion surfacing which is easier on the knees,  He stressed the need to have courts that were comparable to those in other senior communities.  He noted the amount of money spent on other facilities in Rossmoor while a miminum has been spent on tennis.

The men formed 2 USTA  teams:  Bob Jeungert will captain the 6.0 and Dennis Caren the 7.0.  The February Wild Card Tournament on February 14 and the Hearts, Flowers,  and Romeos competed for the "loving cup".  Chris Christopher continued his winning ways at the international level by competing at the Berkeley Tennis Club.

The Spring Fling dealt with Order on the Court and the skits revolved around situations common at Rossmoor.   The problems were presented to Judge Bobby Frankel who wielded a mean gavel!

Hal Rutledge noted that Rossmoor players lost the appearance contest to Trilogy that year so the RTC logo was shortly to appear on shirts and caps so pride in the Rossmoor teams could be more evident.  

The RTC board voted to hold Wild Card tournaments on Saturdays to alleviate interference with open tennis.  

Katrin and Peter Spinetta organized the Summer League for mixed doubles with the first winners being Ted Lee and Claire Blue and Helene Schneider and Dennis Shea in second place.   

In September the tennis club showed up at a GRF meeting in droves with shirts!!!  President Ken Haley presented the plight of the tennis courts to the GRF board.  To convince them of how deserving we were he pointed out that the original  construction of the Buckeye Courts came from a contribution of $240,000 from Rossmoor Realty not from community funds.  

The infamous Can Can dancers appeared at the Halloween Tournament along with the real calendar girls.

2007 History

Again the members appeared at  a  GRF meeting.  Courts 1-4 were to be improved but the widening of courts 5 & 6 needed more study.  Sounds familiar.  But the courts were resurfaced with the backboard going to Creekside.  Awnings were added.  An open house was held on August 23.  

This was the year of the Lip-Syncing Spring Fling with Micki and Bob Remedios walking away with the prize after performing to Louis Prima  and Keely Smith's  Old Black Magic.  The audience was just not sure they were actually lip-syncing they were so good.  Bob  and Geri Sequeira supplied the music.

Doubles at Dollar was hosted by Chris and Elinor Bang on  September 22.

The usual matches were held throughout the year and Audrey, the canine mascot, appeared with the BALL team.   This team was in first place!   A great Roaring Twenties tournament was held.  People dressed accordingly and wooden rackets were used when they could be acquired.  Another great year as Don Liddle completed his second term.

2008 History

A new revitalized website!!! Harry Strout took the reins to give it a new look. Chris Christopher continued his winning ways in the 75-year-old singles category. He was ranked 17th in the nation and second in northern California.

The Spring Fling was Tennis:  The Musical by Marie Lowell.

The women's 3.0 BALL team won the trophy as they were undefeated under the leadership of Claire Blue and coaching of Jerry McConnell.  The men fielded 3.0 and 3.5 teams.  And always we had wonderful summer barbecues  on summer Saturday nights with Mel Smith at the grill.   A great women's doubles tournament was organized and Louise Ng totally raised the bar when it came to refreshments which were suitable for framing as well as eating.  

The club lost Barbara Robinson this year.  She was honored at a BALL team gathering at the home of Loc & Fred Barnes.  

A terrific getaway was held at the Saddle Creek Resort in Copperopolis.  This was beautifully organized by Barbara Blum.  We came home to a Roaring Twenties Tournament with appropriate dress and wooden rackets.  The year ended with a festive holiday party which saw Barbara Blum and Ken Haley receiving the service awards.

2009 History

This year saw the first wildcard tournament in 40 degree weather but in typically RTC fashion hot chocolate and coffee were provided to assuage the needs.  

Loc Barnes organized the first Valentine's Day party with music provided by Geri and  Bob Sequiera;  line dancing instruction was provided by Bob  and Micki Remedios, and Pat and Ed Guterres.    Karaoke showed the talents of other members.  

Open Tennis was  defined for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-11:00 am for all Rossmoor residents on courts specific courts, 4 in number.  

The Spring Fling went back to the 60's with tie-dye and flowers in the hair.   Our own Beatles were introduced-- Michael Ying, Ping Tse, and Peter Sih and they were fabulous of course!  

This was the year we lost a great tennis player, Mary Wilcox, who gave us the sign that graces the Buckeye Courts and Betty Cook who had won so many tournaments and coached so many women's teams.  

We gained a lot of new members who were introduced at the September gathering.    At the end of the year Bob Sequiera , Louise Ng, and Carolyn Hinrichs were given  the service awards for 2009.

2010 History

Line Dancing came to the Valentine Party and membership topped 200.    The Spring Fling went roaring twenties and the entertainment was its usual “amateur superb”.    An anonymous donor gifted the the club with a new ball machine that Jerry McConnell and Les Hoskyns introduced to members.

The Rossmoor ladies came in first in the Senior C Bay Area Ladies League.  Jerry also coached the USTA ladies to win the Northern California Section championship for Super Seniors.  Nelly Sawczuk, Mary Kay McClure, Captain Barbara Phillips, Barbara Blum, Eppie Ying, and Kerin Baker drove to Harbor Bay for 3 days to clinch the title and appear in Inside Tennis.

The September party was held at Dollar and hosted by Colleen & Peter Scully.  Carolyn Hinrichs introduced new members and Mary Kay McClure introduced the mystery person of the month, Joe Potozkin.  A celebration at the courts was held to celebrate Peter Sih's 90th birthday.

Dwight "Chris" Christopher finished number one in the 75-plus-year-old singles division of the Nor-Cal Division of USTA.  Great going!  

The holiday party featured the award of the service awards to Fred and Loc Barnes.