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Thu, Aug 11, 2022

Notes etc. on how to support the site

Help: Attaching a file to an article

Attach a file to an article WHILE editing that article, event, or newsletter

Click on the links below to get pictures and individual steps.

Click on the pictures to get full size

1. Editing the Article

Attachments 1 Editor Before

2. Insert Link > File Manager

Attachments 2 Links

3. File Manager ... CLICK on the picture to see the full detail

Attachments 3 File Manager

4. Upload the attachment

Attachments 4 Upload the attachment file

5. Name [Text] and insert the Link

Attachments 5 Name and insert the LINK

6. Editor with named text and link

Attachments 6 Editor After

Directory Production

Usually starts at the end of January, allowing for late members to be included in the published directory

Directory Covers

  • Stored on the Google Drive for the President's email
  • New 20xx folder would have been created during Year-end Procedures 
  • Front: change ...
    • Year .. find and replace works best
    • Board of Directors
  • Back: update ...
    • Tournament Calendar
    • Social Calendar
    • Change the return address in the Membership Director has changed
  • Have this double checked by Membership Director and two other board members
  • Download both 1.Covers.Front and 5.Covers.Back to PDF format ready for the printers

Current Subscriptions

  • Check there are no Pending Applications open for this year
    • Resolve with Membership to clear these
    • Occasionally requires some work with Membership Pro on the back end to clear
  • Get the latest membership list from the web site, using Membership Pro
  • Components >> Membership Pro >> Subscriptions
  • Export Subscription list
    • Select Plan for the current year
    • Sort by Last Name
    • Export to PDF
    • Export ... 
  • Have these double checked by Membership Director and two other board members

Directory Maker

  • Make a copy of the previous years
  • Move to this year's directory under RTC_Membership

Site Structure ... The Start

How understand this site? and Joomla, the software that runs it.

Joomla is a content management system (CMS), which is a system to make and manage web sites. It is one of the big 3 with Wordpress and Drupal, falling in the middle between these and others. Getting Started with Joomla! - Joomla! Documentation will get you started.

Some Joomla basics:

  • CONTENT and MEDIA can be created or uploaded by authorized users thru front end features on the site
  • CATEGORIES, MENUs, USERs are all maintained on the back end by a Site Administrator, a special type of USER. The back end is an alternate view that controls the structure of the site

Let's understand those terms 

  • CONTENT is articles, snippets or other text. (e.g. Introduction to the RTC). 
    • EVENTS are special type of content that is also associated with a calendar. Think of a tennis tournament or a barbecue social. e.g. a River Tournament. Events have content describing the event and other fields
    • NEWSLETTER is another kind of special content that is emailed to a LIST of users (a.k.a. email blast). The content is what is contained in the email
    • Other content includes WEB LINKS, links to external sites
    • Content is created on a page with an EDITOR BOX
  • Content is CATEGORIZED within the site. Categories can have sub-categories and sub-sub categories, etc. When new content is categorized, and a category has already been placed somewhere in a site, Joomla will automatically place that content within the site. Categories are created by the site administrator.
    • e.g. there are categories like Tennis >> Tournaments, Administration, Administration >> Procedures
    • Events are also categorized and placed on the calendar and within the site. e.g. Tennis >> Tournaments
    • The current list of categories will show as a drop down when categorizing an article, event, web link etc.
    • Categories can only be added by a site administrator
  • MEDIA is a different kind of content for FILES such as photos, clipart images, PDF files etc.
    • i.e. it is content that is created on a computer and uploaded to the web be included in other CONTENT or articles.
    • Media is not categorized per se, but it is stored in a file structure under the /images/ folder on the site.
    • Read the folder names carefully and choose the correct only carefully. Unlike content and categories, moving files around in this folder structure must be done carefully. Moving a file breaks any existing links which must be be found and adjusted individually
    • NEVER create new folders for media
  • MENUS are links to specific content (e.g. Introduction to the RTC) or categories of content.
    • e.g. Administration Updates) (e.g. Tournaments, a group of events categorized under Tennis >> Tournaments
    • Menus can also link to other features provided by other components within the site
  • USERS have profiles, including user ids, passwords, addresses etc. Users can be GROUPed and then given different RIGHTS via an Access Control List - Joomla! Documentation.
    • USER GROUPS: similar to categories for content, they collect users so they can be granted ...
    • RIGHTS: some content is public and available to any user. Other content requires users to log in. They can then see different parts of the site based the groups they have been assigned to.
    • Higher level users can author new content, approve new content.
    • Still higher level users can change the categories, menus and other structural elements of the site.
    • Highest level users control what other users can see and do (Site administrators)

The EDITOR BOX is fundamental to adding or changing content so it is useful to start with Training .. Editor Box which has a corresponding Help Editor Box on the right before trying others items.

  • The MEDIA MANAGER is brought up pressing the picture icon on the first row of the EDITOR box toolbar.
  • Images and Files can then be added "on the fly" by uploading them to the site
  • Clipart etc. can be selected and reused in different forms of content.

The site menu includes NEW items that bring up a FORM to add to the site. Each form page then has a HELP section that appears on the right to give advice on how to fill out the form

NEW items, menus and help

Content Type

Menu Item


Article Contact >> New Article  
Link to external site Contact >> New Web Link  
PDF, Word document etc * Contact >> New File / Attachment same as Photo, clipart
Photo, clipart * Contact >> New Image / Clipart Cloudaccess tutorial on JCE editor for images
Calendar Event Events >> New Event Help jEvents Ediing
Newsletter (email blast) News >> New Newsletter  
Support Ticket Help >> Support >> New Ticket  
Media Manager *   Help Media Manager


Help Editor Box

Type text into the box then format it using the Toolbar items, which have "tool tips", little explanatory boxes that appear when the mouse is over the "tool".

1st Row: Generally, do not change Font family or Font size..Select a style Paragraph, Heading 4 ... never 1, 2. These change styles, colors etc.  Press an icon to:

  • Insert/Edit Links ...  to link to an article, a contact, a menu item, an external web site
  • Insert/Edit Image which can select or upload an image or a file attachment

2nd Row:

  • Bold, Italic etc. including colors, backgrounds,.justification
  • 1,2,3 and _ _ _ are for numbered, unnumbered lists which can be indented to create sub-lists, or out-dented

 First position the cursor in the editor then embed one of: 

  • : to embed another article within this 
  • : include a gallery of pictures in the article in various formats.  Typically multiple pictures from an event. Note: the gallery must be created before the article.
  • : link to an Event on the Calendar
  • : add a link to another Menu item
  • : add a single image  [very obtuse] use the image tool above

Help Media Manager

Cloudaccess provides a simple tutorial on how to use the JCE editor for images

Joomla JCE media

In outline:

  1. Left: Pick a folder for the image or file [left panel]
  2. Either ... Select an existing file from the middle panel in the File Browser ... 
  3. Or .... Upload a new file or image... button on right, then click on the
    • Please follow the naming convention in the folder, especially when they start with a date in the format 20xxMMdd-Name of event
    • then Select the file name
  4. Check the preview image in the right hand panel
  5. Adjust the
    • Dimensions ... 400 px high is good
    • Alignment ... do you want text on left, right,both or none ... i.e. below the image
    • Margin ... space around the image
    • Border ... color
  6. then  the image back into the editor
  7. You can drag select the image and resize it by dragging the sizing handles at the corners

Help Join Us


If you're an existing member, DO NOT attempt to set up a new account.  

If you're unclear how to LOGIN, press the LOGIN button at the top right corner of your screen and read the instructions there.

Help Image Management

The site supports two types of images:

  • [Often ...] Galleries of photos etc. that are typically specific to a particular event or place and are unlikely to be reused.  These could be photos from a tournament, a social event, picture of our facilities, etc. They will be displayed on the site as a group, never as individual images, with a way to page thru the individual images.  This is preferred in almost all cases.
  • [Sometimes ...] Single images/clipart to be used on promotional emails, site logs etc. that are reused over time or used in more than one place on the site. Examples would be a image used every year to promote barbecues, pictures of tennis balls, etc.  These should be the exception as they are harder to manage and very difficult to move after they have been entered in one place.

Galleries are managed by Ignite Galleries

  • Managed thru the New Galleries page. There is further Help there
  • Images must be uploaded into a gallery BEFORE they can be used in an article. Plan ahead.
  • Automatically resizes images to optimize the download time so there is no need to resize before uploading
  • Stores galleries of images in a folder within the Joomla Media Library [igallery].  ALWAYS manage them thru Ignite.
  • Use 2 Levels of Categories ... the
      • Major Category -- e.g. Tournaments, Social etc.
      • Gallery -- YY-MM-DD Title,
        • where YY-MM-DD is the year, month, day and
        • Title is the description for the folder
    • e.g. Tournaments > 2019 Tournaments > 2019-04-05 Wild Card
  • Press Manage Images corresponding to the name of a gallery to upload images into the gallery
  • Individual images can have titles, descriptions
  • The first image in a gallery is like a "topic sentence".  It will appear as the default main picture, while the others appear as thumbnails and/or lightbox entries. It may also be the only image displayed before opening a lightbox.
  • [A lightbox is a popup that show pictures over an article in the background.]

Single Images are managed in the Joomla Media Library

  • Reminder: these are typically single clipart / stock images. Some events might have only a single photo so be stored here. 
  • The Joomla Media library is primarily thru the JCE editor that is used to compose /edit articles.
  • Images can be uploaded at the same time the article is being written, no need to plan ahead.
  • Images are resized as they are first displayed so suit the display. Large images can cause [slight] site delays as they upload and first download.  There is no need to resize images beforehand, unless they are clearly huge and a waste of space.
  • There are folders for different categories of images
    • Use the RTC_... for various stock photos etc.
    • NEVER touch the igallery folder
  • Naming conventions for dated material is YY-MM-DD Title, where
    • YY-MM-DD is the year, month, day and
    • Title is the description for the item.  This should start with the name of the item followed by any further description

Help Support

For technical support [of any kind within reason!] with items such as

  • Logins and Passwords
  • eMail
  • Missing information
  • Questions
  • etc. etc.

Please contact the club via email at INFO @


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