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Mon, Nov 18, 2019



Notes etc. on how to support the site

Manage Ignite Galleries Help

Categories are like folders, with pictures stored at the lowest level

  1. Top level Categories are Tournaments, Social, Facilities, History etc. DO NO CHANGE
  2. Lowest level is for an actual event [or collection of pictures to display as a Gallery in an article]
    • Name as YYYY-MM-DD_Event_Name ... e.g. 2014_07_04_July_4th

For New Category [New Gallery] ...

  • Title ... as appropriate for display
  • Profile ... use 01---Inf Thumb Acr w/ LB
  • Parent ... select the appropriate Second Level Category as parent
  • Status ... Published
  • Description[s] ... to display with the Gallery

Help Support

For technical support [of any kind within reason!] with items such as

  • Logins and Passwords
  • eMail
  • Missing information
  • Questions
  • etc. etc.

Please contact the club via email at INFO @

Users, Groups, Plans and Subscriptions

Users ... Contain basic information such as

  • Name, eMail
  • Address
  • Phone [but NOT cell phone, which is not a basic field in Joomla]!

User Groups ... controls who can view and access different parts of the site.

  • Users can belong to one or more groups
  • Some fundamental groups
    • Public ... all users
    • Guest ... only those users who have not yet logged in
  • The following groups are only applicable once some has logged in
    • Registered .. once they have logged in
      • Author can write articles that are submitted for Edit and Publish
        • Editor can edit other peoples articles
          • Publisher can publish articles
    • Tennis ... those who have an active subscription to RTC
      • Ball Machine 
    • Board
      • Board Membership ... extra rights to administer users
  • Set the Viewing Level for a new article 

Plans ... details about something someone can Subscribe to.  At the moment, this includes

  • 2019 Tennis
  • 2019 Tennis + Ball Machine
  • Includes all the pricing details, valid dates etc.
  • Custom fields associated with the plan such as Cell phone and whether they are willing to Volunteer
  • Also has
    • "rules" so that when someone subscribes to a plan, they automatically get added to a user group ... e.g. Tennis, and added to a List for Newsletters
    • email messages welcoming to the group, reminders etc.

Subscription ... about a user who has subscribed to a Plan

  • Start, end dates etc.
  • Active, Pending [not yet paid up, approved] etc.
  • Join Us! to go online to Subscribe
  • see Subscription Management to change these
    • Filter then Export subscriptions to Excel to get all the details

List ... a mailing list to send Newsletters out to

Website Help

RTC Logo 10 KB Trans

The main objective of the website is to provide information to our members, future members, and friends.  The site is directed outward to our members, future members, and friends. Where feasible, we've provided some history in certain categories to provide appropriate context.

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Phone Shortcut for RTC

Want a shortcut to on your phone's home screen?

So here's how to do it on an iPhone or an Android.  It also works on tablets, iPads, etc.

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All the latest postings and information on the site


This section enables users to contact members of the club

RTC Website --- Revision History

Revision #4 --- Major Changes are Under Construction

As of mid-November 2017 the RTC webmaster duties have passed from Les Hoskyns to Chris Slee.   Chris has many ideas that will make our website more interactive.   Some of the upcoming ideas are:

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