Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California


to the RTC

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Tue, Jan 28, 2020

Users ... Contain basic information such as

  • Name, eMail
  • Address
  • Phone [but NOT cell phone, which is not a basic field in Joomla]!

User Groups ... controls who can view and access different parts of the site.

  • Users can belong to one or more groups
  • Some fundamental groups
    • Public ... all users
    • Guest ... only those users who have not yet logged in
  • The following groups are only applicable once some has logged in
    • Registered .. once they have logged in
      • Author can write articles that are submitted for Edit and Publish
        • Editor can edit other peoples articles
          • Publisher can publish articles
    • Tennis ... those who have an active subscription to RTC
      • Ball Machine 
    • Board
      • Board Membership ... extra rights to administer users
  • Set the Viewing Level for a new article 

Plans ... details about something someone can Subscribe to.  At the moment, this includes

  • 2019 Tennis
  • 2019 Tennis + Ball Machine
  • Includes all the pricing details, valid dates etc.
  • Custom fields associated with the plan such as Cell phone and whether they are willing to Volunteer
  • Also has
    • "rules" so that when someone subscribes to a plan, they automatically get added to a user group ... e.g. Tennis, and added to a List for Newsletters
    • email messages welcoming to the group, reminders etc.

Subscription ... about a user who has subscribed to a Plan

  • Start, end dates etc.
  • Active, Pending [not yet paid up, approved] etc.
  • Join Us! to go online to Subscribe
  • see Subscription Management to change these
    • Filter then Export subscriptions to Excel to get all the details

List ... a mailing list to send Newsletters out to