Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Apr 19, 2024

Please contact the club via email at INFO @ for support with technical items such as Logins and Passwords, eMail, Missing information, Questions, Ideas, etc. etc.


You may use this page to either log into or log out of the website.    When you've successfully logged in, a "Hi (Your Name)" message and a "Logout" button will be displayed the upper right corner of the website and will remain there for the remainder of your session. You can log out from anywhere at any time.

Members need to login to see secured features and extra members-only information. If you do not know your Username or Password, please read the instructions below. Guessing will only confuse matters ...

Note: the two "Forgot your ..." entries above. They are explained in detail below
After you're successfully logged in proceed to home page using button below OR use the main menu to go to your desired location.

The Club, the web site, does not know your password. The site simply knows how to prove whether the password you enter is valid ... so if you've forgotten it, you will have to go thru the next step, even if we force the website to reset your password. [This is best practice so that it is impossible to hack a site and find the passwords. They are simply not stored on the site, they're not even there!]

If you've forgotten your username or password, or you just don't know them:

  • You've got two options, "Forgot your username", "Forgot your password". They are immediately under the Log In button above. If you don't know either, start with "Forgot your username". 
  • Both will result in the 'website' sending an email to the email address we have on file for you.  Those emails will contain the information necessary for you to again log into the website.

If you joined the Club online using Member>>Join Us!

  • You are set, you created your own username, password, email and profile when you joined.
  • The Membership Director will approve you once he/she receives your check.  You will be notified by email and can then Login

If you have joined using a PAPER form and are yet to LOGIN for the first time:

  • The Club assigns each member a (display) name, username using your email, but no password (see above and below)
  • (display) name is the member's full first name, then a space, then the member's full last name (that was used when joining the club). e.g. Jonathan Edwards   e.g. Gail Liu  e.g. Al Lee
  • username --- this is initially made up from your first initial and up to five letters from your last name (that was used when joining the club). e.g. jedwar   e.g. gliu   e.g. alee
  • This depends on the email address you provided when joining the club.  
    • (( PLEASE... do not change this email address using this login process.   If you have changed your email provider and have obtained a new email address, please contact the RTC Webmaster or any board member to allow your new email address to be changed internally. ))

To log in for the FIRST TIME, please select LOGIN and FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD

  • Select Login at the top of this page and the Forgot your password just below the Log in button and follow the instructions. 
  • You will be emailed a verification code, and a reset link, so your email address must be correct
  • Select the "Reset Link" in the email and you will be required to also provide a valid username -- see above
  • As soon as you log in successfully for the first time, you will be required to change your PASSWORD to one that is easy for you to remember.   You won't be able to navigate away from the page until you have entered and confirmed a new password.
  • At this time, you may NOT YET change your USERNAME; you will be able to do so in the next step.

After your second Login you can change your USERNAME to something easier to remember.

  • A "View Profile" link will appear just under your "Hi (Your Name)" greeting and just above the "Log out" button.   This will take you to an "Edit Profile" dialog.   It's here that you can now change your username.
  • It is recommended that when changing your username, you make it something easy and memorable, but not obvious to someone else.  Breaking both a username and password is doubly difficult,
  • As before, PLEASE do not change this email address using this login "Edit Profile" dialog.   If you have changed your email provider and have a new email address, please contact the RTC Webmaster or any board member to allow the change to be made internally.