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Wed, Jan 22, 2020



Revision #4 --- Major Changes are Under Construction

As of mid-November 2017 the RTC webmaster duties have passed from Les Hoskyns to Chris Slee.   Chris has many ideas that will make our website more interactive.   Some of the upcoming ideas are:

Member Contact Information

  • Will be transferred from our Google account to the club's web site.
  • Annual Directory 2019 and beyond --- since membership information will be on the website, the directory will be produced using that information.
  • ((Google Contacts information and Excel templates will be used for the production of the 2018 directory))

Member Groups

  • members will be able to subscribe to tennis groups, e.g. Women's team B, etc
  • This can then be used for newsletters, personalized pages etc.

Main, Prototype, and Spare sites

  • RTC's web site hosting contract provides 3 available sites (domains).   One of these is the main site (, a second will continue as our prototype / test site, and the third will be still be available for future use.

Emails will be generated from the web site for a variety of purposes:

  • General Newsletter Emails --- weekly email newsletters with links back to the web site.
  • Group Newsletter Emails --- newsletters for different interest groups
  • Rossmoor News Emails --- content will be sent to Rossmoor News
  • Personalities Emails --- emails directed to RTC roles like "Court Engineer" etc etc
  • Event Invitation Emails --- invitations / reminders will be emailed to members as events approach.   Updates to events on the web site will be automatically distributed to relevant group/s.
  • ((And probably a few more as time goes by))


  • Event Content --- web content drives everything so... NO content entered means NO content in the newsletters.
  • Event Extras --- extra sections like "Calls for Volunteers" can be included in the event descriptions 
  • Online Payments --- will explore use of PayPal (or other payments vendor).  Service fees will apply.

Ticketing System --- will accept suggestions and problems associated with the site

Revision #3 --- Added Calendar Software and Slideshow Presentations

We've introduced sophisticated software that integrates the calendar into many corners of the website.   This software will allow more officers and volunteers to enter event information directly into the website without the necessity of accessing the 'back end' portion of the site.   We've eliminated the 'blog' format used from the inception because it became too difficult to navigate and did not allow our users to get an overall picture of what the club's activities were.

We've introduced Google Slides technology in a number of places to allow very quick review of a lot of the club's activities in a pleasant and (when selected) full-screen view of the content being presented.

Revision #2 --- Added Responsive Design Changes (tablets and phones)

Responsive Design

A number of behind-the-scenes changes were made to the RTC website in October and November 2015.   The most significant change has been the ability of the website to adapt to the type of device each individual user is currently using.   This includes iPhones, iPads, and relatively new Android devices.

President's blog is now the RTC Board's Blog

The newly revised RTC Board's Blog replaces the RTC President's Blog.   Now, multiple board members and volunteers can contribute articles in a single blog.   Also in this blog are 'private' entries intended for the internal use of the board members and volunteers.   It is hoped that these 'private' entries will cut down on a lot of the email traffic between and among those folks.

The website menu has changed

The website menu now has the ability to better adapt itself to various screen sizes and resolutions.   Menu items are no longer cut off or 'wrapped' onto multiple lines.   Menu items remain in the same relative positions as before so as to minimize the impact of the change.   The menu follows the convention of iPad and iPhone's iOS operating system by expanding and collapsing the menu along the left side of the screen.   When viewed on most tablets, the menu is horizontal along the top as in the laptop / desktop version.

Photographic content methodology has changed

In order to accommodate a significant increase in the number and quality of photographs coming to the website, the means of storing and accessing those photographs has changed.    The first major use of this new methodology will be in a significant number of historical photographs recently scanned from hard-copy albums the club has been maintaining over the past several decades.

The website administrator (webmaster) duties are being transferred

Some of the duties of website maintenance were transferred to Mark Patterson.   Ron Wyman assisted Mark with this function.   The functions of adding events, editing blog entries, creating new menu items, and interacting with our web hosting company were transferred.   Les Hoskyns stepped back to a purely advisory function in early 2016.

A number of behind-the-scenes changes have recently been made to the site.   The most significant change has been the ability of the website to adapt to the type of device the user is currently using.   This includes iPhones, iPads, and recently updated Android devices.

Revision #1 --- Added Photo Galleries and Major Interface Redesign

In the first major revision, we introduced photo gallery software into the website so that photographs could be presented in the places where they mean the most.

We introduced a better overall format that implemented a menu system that fit our needs.