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Tue, Feb 18, 2020

Oaks Women's Team Fells Chabot

The Oaks traveled to Chabot Tennis Club on Jan 27. The team is pictured relaxing before the match.  The Oaks were the victors, 8-4, over their Chabot opponents.  

2020 01 27Oaks

Men's Team Win against Round Hill

The Rossmoor Men's Tennis team took on the Round Hill Country Club squad in a Senior Men's Interclub League (SMIL) match on February 5 at the Buckeye courts in Rossmoor.  There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining very brightly.  This condition made lobbing an even more effective tactic than usual!

    The Rossmoor team prevailed 3-1.  The results for each line were as follows:    At line 1, Chris Slee and Bernie Wolf won a hard fought contest 7-5, 6-2.   At line 2, Larry Barclay and Al Peters won their first set 6-3 and were ahead 5-4 in the second set when their opponents retired.  At line 3, David Hickey and Barry Brian won 6-2, 7-5 by fully employing the "lob into the sun" strategy.  At line 4, Chris Christopher and Nicky Abdolhosseini played a tough match but lost 4-6, 4-6.

2020 02 05 Mens Team Small

Ken Steiner was the Rossmoor captain for this match and shared these insights into his team’s victory. The next match for the Rossmoor Men will be March 4 at home at 11am.  The team welcomes all who would like to come out to watch some entertaining tennis.   

First Wild Card Tournament of 2020

On Saturday Feb 1, in a thick fog, the Rossmoor Tennis Club held its first Wild Card tournament of 2020.  Twelve men and twelve women played on slightly damp courts in very hazy conditions without complaining at all.

    Three men tied for third place.  Allan Tam, Dave Corliss and John Corwin each had 18 points. In second place was Rick Sterling with 19 points. The winning man was Gayl Westendorf with a very strong 23 points.  For the women, in third place was Laura Kim with 18 points. In second place was Eppie Ying with 20 points. The winning woman was Susan Mann with a great score of 22 points.

2020 02 01 WildCard Small

    A Wild Card tournament is held the first Saturday of most months and is open to all tennis players in Rossmoor. Play consists of 7 rounds of a combination of mixed, women’s and men’s doubles. 

    Thanks to Barbara Blum and Ken Haley for hosting a great event!

Men's Team Victorious over Moraga

The Men's Team secured a victory on Jan 22 over Moraga Country Club. The start of match play was delayed due to wet courts and many of the team members came out early to help dry off the courts so that they could be playable.  The teams then enjoyed their lunch while waiting for Mother Nature's help with the sun to finish drying off the courts.  By noon the play began under clearing skies and bright sunshine.

2020 01 22 RossmoorMen Small

At line 1 Larry Barclay and Al Peters lost in a third set tiebreaker, 7-5, 1-6, and 4-10.

Sadly, line 2 with Ken Steiner and Dave Hickey could not be played as one of Moraga's players was injured in a fall early in the first set. Rossmoor's Nick Abdolhosseini stepped up to give the group a game.

Line 3 was Dave Kern and Stuart Coffey.  This went to a third set tiebreaker also with Rossmoor winning, 4-6, 7-5, and 10-2.  Finally at line 4 Barry Brian and Dave Besenfelder also went to a third set tiebreaker winning 6-7, 6-2 and 10-5.  The team thanks acting captain Bernie Wolf and all the other team members who came out to help ready the courts and cheer the team on.

Buckeye's Fall to Walnut Creek

Rossmoor Tennis Club Buckeyes Senior B-2 team faced Walnut Creek Seniors in the Bay Area Ladies League (BALL) match on Monday January 20, at the home courts.   2020 01 20 Buckeyematch Small

The Buckeyes put together a strong team against Walnut Creek but Walnut Creek prevailed.
Team 2 Eileen Plotkin and Margaret Logwood split sets and lost in a very close tiebreak.  Team 3 Micki Remedios and Nelly Sawczuk also split sets but won in another close tiebreak.

Teams 1 and 4, Terry Quinlan/Carol Pillsbury and Mary Hickey/Trudy Tuan, both lost but fought hard and had many very close games.

The scores weren’t always close but they did not reflect the good competitive play, with many deuces. Despite the loss everyone agreed that it was a fun day of good challenging tennis.V

Men's Tennis Triumphs in Oakland

by Jerry Quinlan

On Wednesday January 8, captain Jerry Quinlan took the Rossmoor Men’s Tennis Team to Oakland for a match against the Oakland Hills Tennis Club.  Oddly enough, the Oakland Hills club is located in the hills of Oakland. The view from the tennis courts was breathtaking as we looked westward across the bay and the bridges towards San Francisco, but not as beautiful as the views we share everyday here at Rossmoor.


The match was scheduled to start at noon but due to wet courts the first game was postponed until 12:45 for the first game. Line 1 for Rossmoor was Larry Barclay and Steve Graham who lost to the Oakland Hills team 6-2 6-4. The score is not indicative of the great game played by the team from Rossmoor with Barclay's solid serving and Graham's play at the net.

Line two was more successful with David Besenfelder and David Kern coming out on top 6-4 6-4. The win made possible through Besenfelder's aggressive overhead slams and Kern being able to return any ball hit in his area.

Line 3 was a quick match for Bernie Wolf and Chris Slee, overcoming Oakland Hills men 6-2 6-1. This was the first match finished. Wolf and Slee are not only Rossmoor neighbors but do very well next to each other on the tennis court.

Line 4 had a solid performance from Al Peters and David Hickey. After a tough start losing the first 3 games to Oakland Hills,  Al's left handed play and David's consistent  ground strokes allowed them to come back and win the match 6-3 6-1.

Line 5 was the most difficult match of the day being won by Stuart Coffey and David Corliss. Oakland Hills won the first set 6-2 but the Rossmoor men won the second set in a close tie breaker 7-5.  Having split the sets, a 10 point tie breaker was then played to determine the overall winner and the good guys again stood strong with an inspiring 10-6 win.

Overall it was a wonderful day in Oakland.  We would like to thank the Oakland Hills Tennis Club for a fine day of tennis, good views from the tennis courts, great friendship, and especially a wonderful lunch overlooking the San Francisco bay.

2019-11 Wild Card Championship

What a tournament to close out the 2019 season!

2019 11 02 Wild Card Championship

Twelve of Rossmoor's Wild Card champions battled it out in the spirit of competition and camaraderie. The standard was remarkable with very few unforced errors, lots of long rallies, counter-punches and put away winners. 

In a nail biting final round, Susan Hill and Dave Kern took a close victory over Rowena Slee and her partner to clinch the following results. 

For the women, Rowena Slee and Susan Hill shared first place, each with 18 points. Becky Reiss took second and Linda Hague took third.

One the men's side, Dave Kern took first place with 19 points, edging out Ed Logwood on 18 points, with Ron Wyman coming third.

All players qualified for the Championships by placing in one of the monthly Wild Card tournaments hosted by the Rossmoor Tennis Club. These events are open to anyone in Rossmoor, whether or not they are a member of the club.  The tournaments are played over seven rounds.

Congratulations to the winners and all the other finalists: Barbara Blum, Carol Pillsbury, Margaret Logwood, Shin Kim and Terry Quinlan. 

We'll see you back again in 2020.

[Left to Right in the picture: Ron Wyman, Ed Logwood, Dave Kern, Susan Hill, Rowena Slee, Becky Reiss and Linda Hague]

July Wild Card

Another great monthly Rossmoor Tennis Club Wild Card!  Saturday July 6 saw 70 degrees, low humidity, great weather and 24 eager players.

Six rounds of very competitive play saw the womens' and mens' leaders face off in the last round.  In the end Becky Reiss and her partner won out, knocking Jerry Robinson out of first place and down into third.  Ed Logwood and Jim Lindsay seized the opportunity to sneak by into first and second places.

On the womens side, Susan Mann took second alone. In the spirit of fun, three women collaborated to create a three-way tie for third place. Congratulations to Poppy Tanner, Shin Kim and Terry Tobey.

Left to right:Terry Tobey, Shin Kim, Jim Lindsay, Becky Reiss, Ed Logwood, Susan Mann, Poppy Tanner and Jerry Robinson. 

2019 07 06 Wild Card Winners Medium

 2019 07 06 Wild Card All Medium


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