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Tue, Aug 03, 2021

Open Tennis Returns


The Rossmoor Tennis Club is setting up a new format to make singles play more accessible to Rossmoor players who previously enjoyed the Tuesday and Thursday Open Tennis before the pandemic struck. It can also help players new to Rossmoor find partners who play at their level. All Rossmoor residents are welcome.

Starting Tuesday, Aug. 11, three courts will be reserved on Tuesday and Thursday between 10 a.m. and noon for Drop-in tennis. Court 4 will be designated for Less Aggressive players, Court 5 for Intermediate players and Court 7 for Advanced players. Players are encouraged to choose the court where they are well-matched with the other players on the court.

Play will still be singles only but with unlimited rotations under the new rotation rules. A player will enter the court ready to serve using their own personally marked balls. The player who just served will put their personal balls away and rotate to the receiver position. The person who just received will leave the court to wait outside the fence at the back of the line of players waiting to play. Players will use no-ad scoring to keep the rotation going quickly. Players waiting to rotate in must wear masks, keep 6 ft spacing and use only a personal seat.

If this new Drop-in play proves popular, additional courts will be reserved for it.

The Tennis Club is continuing to look for ways to make the singles game more enjoyable for all Rossmoorians. General information about the Rossmoor Tennis Club can be found at

RTC introduces a New Opportunity for Singles Play

State and County Health orders still allow only Singles play for tennis.  Despite this, the courts at Rossmoor are busy every morning with players enjoying a game.  Others come out later in the day for some extra practice and exercise. 

However not all players have the stamina for continuous play in a Singles game so the club has recently worked with GRF and agreed on a rule change to allow rotation of additional players.  This will give players longer breaks during the game.
A new player may rotate into the court as one of the other players rotates off after each game or several games. Only two people can be on the court at any time. One must be outside the court before the next player enters.

All other existing rules must be obeyed:  social distancing at all times, no shared equipment (personal chairs and separate tennis balls must be used).  Rotating players in does not increase the 60 minute time limit if others are waiting for a court.
The Rossmoor courts remain for RESIDENTS ONLY.  

The tennis club hopes this change will bring more players out to enjoy playing on our beautiful tennis courts. 

Eager Players Hit the Tennis Courts for Reopening

An excited group of tennis fans showed up at the Buckeye courts May 5 after a seven-week hiatus due to the coronavirus restrictions. Players are required to follow the United States Tennis Association (USTA) COVID-19 Guidelines, as well as Contra Costa County and Rossmoor rules. There is no seating available at the courts but players may bring personal chairs for their own use only. Face masks must be worn outside the courts. Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed on every court. Each player brings their own marked tennis balls and only their own balls are touched by hand. Social distancing rules must be observed at all times. Marian “Cinnamon” Renvall was part of the early crowd and expressed her thanks to the Rossmoor Tennis Club board, who merged and implemented all the rules, and to the players for following the new guidelines. The weather May 5 was perfect and everyone agreed it was great to be putting on tennis skirts and shorts, being outdoors, and having fun on the courts.  Pictured are Jerry Quinlan (left), Facilities Director and Dave Blanchard, President modelling best practices and proper social distancing. 2020 5 7RTCDaveJerry

Buckeyes Tie El Cerrito Club

On February 23 the BALL match between the Rossmoor Buckeyes and the El Cerrito Club
was as close as the scores indicate with both teams playing excellent tennis and battling hard.
It was a strange morning of tennis with several of the scores looking like mirror images of each
other and ending in a tie.
In Line one, Carol Pillsbury and Terry Quinlan battled valiantly but lost 4 - 6, 2 - 6. Line two
was very hard-fought and happily ended with Eileen Plotkin and Gery Yearout winning in the 10-
point tiebreaker after splitting sets. In Line three, Anna George and Dorothy Watkin had a huge
win which mirrored the scores in Line 1. They won 6 - 4, 6 - 2. In Line four, Nelly Sawczuk and
Joan Gardner lost in the 10-point tiebreaker after splitting sets 4 - 6, 7 - 5.
Team captain Barbara Blum and the team thank Barbara Schwartz for arranging the
refreshments and expressed appreciation for the strong play on both sides of the net.

2020 02 23 Buckeyes Small

Oaks Host Walnut Creek

The Oaks team hosted Walnut Creek on February 3.  Despite a strong win the previous match and best efforts all round they were defeated.

2020 02 03 Oaks Small 

Oaks Women's Team Fells Chabot

The Oaks traveled to Chabot Tennis Club on Jan 27. The team is pictured relaxing before the match.  The Oaks were the victors, 8-4, over their Chabot opponents.  

2020 01 27Oaks

Men's Team Win against Round Hill

The Rossmoor Men's Tennis team took on the Round Hill Country Club squad in a Senior Men's Interclub League (SMIL) match on February 5 at the Buckeye courts in Rossmoor.  There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining very brightly.  This condition made lobbing an even more effective tactic than usual!

    The Rossmoor team prevailed 3-1.  The results for each line were as follows:    At line 1, Chris Slee and Bernie Wolf won a hard fought contest 7-5, 6-2.   At line 2, Larry Barclay and Al Peters won their first set 6-3 and were ahead 5-4 in the second set when their opponents retired.  At line 3, David Hickey and Barry Brian won 6-2, 7-5 by fully employing the "lob into the sun" strategy.  At line 4, Chris Christopher and Nicky Abdolhosseini played a tough match but lost 4-6, 4-6.

2020 02 05 Mens Team Small

Ken Steiner was the Rossmoor captain for this match and shared these insights into his team’s victory. The next match for the Rossmoor Men will be March 4 at home at 11am.  The team welcomes all who would like to come out to watch some entertaining tennis.   

First Wild Card Tournament of 2020

On Saturday Feb 1, in a thick fog, the Rossmoor Tennis Club held its first Wild Card tournament of 2020.  Twelve men and twelve women played on slightly damp courts in very hazy conditions without complaining at all.

    Three men tied for third place.  Allan Tam, Dave Corliss and John Corwin each had 18 points. In second place was Rick Sterling with 19 points. The winning man was Gayl Westendorf with a very strong 23 points.  For the women, in third place was Laura Kim with 18 points. In second place was Eppie Ying with 20 points. The winning woman was Susan Mann with a great score of 22 points.

2020 02 01 WildCard Small

    A Wild Card tournament is held the first Saturday of most months and is open to all tennis players in Rossmoor. Play consists of 7 rounds of a combination of mixed, women’s and men’s doubles. 

    Thanks to Barbara Blum and Ken Haley for hosting a great event!


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