Dave Corliss wants to thank all those who held up his side of the court and helped him coast home to victory by a single point in the last round.  FAKE NEWS!  Actually Dave wants to also thank all his opponents who were so considerate in helping him out ...

After the January rain out, the February Wild Card was over subscribed and went off without a hitch under the able guidance of Jeff Strathmeyer, the director for the Tournament.  Many thanks Jeff.

A quick heads up: with a week to go, the sign up sheet was full, with plenty of alternates, so you'll have to sign up early for the March event.

There was a lot of great competition with some really close finishes:

  • The women ended up with 21, 19 and 16 points
  • The men ended up with 22, 21 and 17 points

On the Womens' side Becky Reiss took top spot, followed by Shelly Schlender and Judy Corliss.  It was a great showing by Shelly in her first Wild Card as a newcomer to the Club.  

On the Mens' side, Dave Corliss was first past the post with a 4-0 deciding last round, nipping past Chris Christopher who was pipped at the post.  Mike Ying took third, was too quick to leave and ducked out on the photograph.  He also missed all those splendid prizes.  [Calm down Mike, the trophies got lost in the mail and have not shown up]

So the production was flawless, the play was very competitive, the weather was beautiful and everyone had a great time.  Who could ask for more?

Watch out for March's Wild Card and sign up early!