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Sat, Sep 18, 2021

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RTC Local Rules

RTC Logo 10 KB TransThe Rossmoor Golden Rain Foundation has issued Rules that apply to all Rossmoor Residents, Tennis Club Members, and all Guests.   GRF has delegated authority to the Rossmoor Tennis Club to make rules governing the Buckeye Complex under Tennis Rules R106.1 and R106.2.  Each Rule contains sections on Purpose and General Rules, which are identical but printed here only once to avoid duplication.   Following the General Rules are Specific rules for the Buckeye Courts.


The Rossmoor Tennis Club has been formed to promote tennis play and to organize tournaments and social activities for the club's members.   Club membership is an individual choice and is not a condition for use of the tennis facilities.   Due to the unique etiquette governing play, the Golden Rain Foundation Board of Directors has delegated to the Rossmoor Tennis Club the day-to-day responsibility to:

  • Determine conditions and/or restrictions for play
  • Schedule and organize matches and tournaments
  • Monitor and enforce player compliance with the Tennis Court Rules
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to staff in matters related to the courts

The following General Rules apply to the eight (8) courts at the Buckeye Tennis Complex.

General Rules:

  1. Courts are available for play during daylight hours.   During early morning and early evening hours especially, players should avoid loud noises and conversations that may disturb local residents.
  2. Courts are for the use of Rossmoor Residents and their Guests only.   A Resident Sponsor must accompany Guests the entire time of play.
  3. Resident and Guest players must sign the Register prior to play.   To occupy a court, enter the names of all players and the court clock time under the selected court as listed on the Court Register.
  4. Court use is on a first come first serve basis for one hour and thirty minutes (one hour for singles play).   A court is considered available:
    • If the court is empty;
    • If court time has expired;
    • If there is no sign-on time posted;
    • If the sign-on time is later than the court clock time;
    • If the next scheduled waiting players are not present.
  5. A court is properly occupied by at least two players.   An active player may not at the same time be on a court waiting list.   Court 2 is considered occupied if an individual is using the ball machine after 11:00 AM.
  6. If all courts are occupied, a minimum of two waiting players may place their names in the Court Register waiting list.   An individual may sign up if using the ball machine on court 2.
  7. First waiting players will, without entering the court, notify the active players when their court time is expired.   Bumped players will finish the current point (not the current game) and immediately relinquish the court.
  8. Smoking, food and drink, other than water or sport drink, are not permitted within the fenced court area.   No glass containers of any kind are permitted.
  9. Proper tennis attire must be worn on the courts.  Shirts must be worn at all times and tennis shoes must have non-marking soles.
  10. Observe accepted rules of tennis etiquette and courtesy.  (See The Code of Tennis below)   Please leave the court cleaner than you found it and return court-cleaning tools to their proper place after use.

Individual courts are closed for short periods during the week for cleaning.   Court cleaning has priority over play so please vacate the court immediately when the staff arrives.

Reservations and Sign-Ups:

Three circumstances exist where Reservations for future court use are permitted: (1) pro lessons, (2) RTC tournaments, or (3) other RTC events.   Lessons can be reserved one week ahead by the professional.   RTC Tournaments or events are reserved when scheduled or established.   These are Reservations and not mere Sign-Ups.

All other court assignments are Sign-Ups and must be made immediately before or at the time of play at the appropriate sign-in area at the Buckeye Tennis Complex.    Two or more players are required to be present to Sign-Up unless an individual is signing up for the ball machine.   Sign-Ups are for 90 minutes or less for doubles and 60 minutes or less for singles and 60 minutes for the ball machine.   Current announcements and sign-up sheets are posted near the tennis courts.

Buckeye Specific Rules:

1. Open Tennis --- Rights and Restrictions:

Courts are open to Rossmoor Residents and their guests for Open Tennis every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.   An Open Tennis Group is defined as 4 or more players.   Sequence of play is rotational.   Groups often consist of five or even six players.   In these cases at the end of each game, a new (waiting) player rotates into the server's ad court, the previous server goes out, and the remaining two players rotate clockwise for the upcoming game.   Games are played no-ad when people are waiting to facilitate rotation.

Open Tennis Groups have priority on courts 3, 4, 5, and 6 at Buckeye on Open Tennis days.   Private game players may sign in at the Buckeye tennis shack as usual, but must defer to Open Tennis Groups on courts 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Open Tennis Groups have priority on courts 1, 2, 7, 8 at Buckeye when:

  • Courts 3,4,5, and 6 are all in use by Open Tennis Groups.
  • An Open Tennis Group is present and available for play.
  • Note --- If an Open Tennis Group is playing on courts 1,2,7, or 8 and a court becomes available on courts 3, 4, 5, or 6, then that Open Tennis Group must relinquish court 1, 2, 7, or 8 if requested by a Private Game.

2. Wild Card Couples Competition --- Rights and Restrictions:

Courts 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are reserved for Wild Card Couples Competition the first Saturday of every month from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM (or until competition is completed).

3. League Competition or Tournaments --- Rights and Restrictions:

Courts may be reserved in advance for League Competition or Tournaments by the Rossmoor Tennis Club Board of Directors.

 It is the consensus of the board (as of January 15, 2018 meeting) that captains should stagger play when they are fielding more than 4 lines of players and 2 courts are being used for clinic.  That is to say:  start 4 lines and wait to play 2 lines when courts 1 and 2 become available.  We understand this may take a little longer to finish matches but it keeps 2 courts open for people not on the teams and not participating in practice.

Similarly, when tournaments are scheduled on a Saturday we will make efforts to limit our court usage to 6 courts; keeping 2 courts open for Rossmoor residents.

4. Ball Machine Protocol for Court 2

Times are M, W, F 9AM to 4PM.  Tu, Th 11AM to 4PM and Weekends 10AM to 4PM.  After 2PM weekdays and weekends ball machine use has priority on court 2.

Ball Machine users sign up at Kiosk before play and time is limited to 1 hour (exception for Ball Machine Clinic F from 11AM to 1PM).  Teaching professionals and those authorized to train others* to use the ball machine may reserve court 2 in advance. Ball Machine users must be members of RTC and have paid the annual fee to use the Ball Machine.

Tournaments and team matches take precedence over casual use of Ball Machine.  Players, out of courtesy, are encouraged to give up Court 2 to those needing the ball machine when other courts are open.

*Current members available to train others on use of ball machine (as of 1/1/18) are Ron Wyman, Dave Blanchard, Roger Haas and Bernie Wolf.  Contact them through RTC Members Directory

Contact Us

Please contact the Club by using email to MAIL RossmoorTennis dot COM

Please note that this form of email address is to protect against spam.

RTC Organization

The business and social affairs of the club are governed by our By Laws and administered by a nine-member Board, Committees The Board meets once a month on the third Monday to conduct its business and in March, July, and November hold general meetings for all club members each year. Members are welcome at any Board meeting but these three general meetings give all club members an opportunity to participate in decision-making and in the election of new board members.

If you're a member, log in to find Admin - Forms for Printing and Procedures for running events and working with the club

Board of Directors:

Board Member: Board Title: Term: (year end)
Email Outgoing:
Larry Barclay President 2021 Dave Blanchard
Al Peters Vice President 2022 ^^ Larry Barclay
Joyce Decker Secretary 2021  
Ken Steiner Treasurer 2021  
Chris Slee Tournaments 2021  
David Hickey Social 2022  
Terry Quinlan Membership 2021  
Jerry Quinlan Facilities 2022  
Amy Bolinger Publicity 2022 Rowena Slee

 Note: the email addresses are "Cloaked" to prevent online attacks.  You'll have to re-type them. You cannot copy and paste them

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Chop Suey Tournament

This tournament moves players up and down a series of courts, splitting teams every round so that partners become opponents in the next round. It's a chop and change format with matches becoming more evenly competitive as the tournament progresses!

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  • THIS Friday, Aug 17
  • at the Tennis BBQ
  • preorder your Cheeseburger , leaving $6.00 at Gateway admin offices, tennis box
  • complimentary Margaritas for all
  • bring a side dish & own plates 

Health: tennis reduces risk of death at any age

Health racket: tennis reduces risk of death at any age, study suggests

Research indicates regular badminton and tennis are sports most protective to health, while football and running are bottom of the table

Female tennis playerPhotograph: Cyberimage/Getty Images

Not keen on racket sports? Don’t despair: the authors stress that all types of physical activity are beneficial to health.

If you want to stave off death for as long as possible, you might want to reach for a tennis racket.

Scientists attempting to tease apart the benefits of different sports have found that regularly taking part in sports such as badminton or tennis reduces your risk of death at any given age by almost 50%, with swimming and aerobics also proving protective.

Health racket: tennis reduces risk of death at any age, study suggests

Golf Carts Parking Oct 20, 2014

The Buckeye parking lot is small and sometimes 

"How come I gotta park my golf cart by the big oak tree?"

There is a long tradition of RTC members driving their golf carts to play tennis.    The Buckeye parking lot is small and sometimes fills up, plus driving the golf cart up to the complex shortens the walk to the courts for those unable or unwilling to make the walk up the path.

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