Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Apr 19, 2024

Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager has as a primary responsibility for the maintenance of facilities used by the tennis club.   These facilities include the courts, the nets, the windscreens, brooms and squeegees, the clocks, the kiosks, and the social area structures and storage sheds.   The kiosk is an important communication facility to post notices and alert members to events and court usage.   The Manager schedules the cleaning and maintenance of the courts.

The Facilities Manager is also responsible for ordering supplies for the courts, the social areas, and the first aid kit.   These supplies include items such as cups, plates, napkins, propane for the grill, and band-aids. If any items need to be replenished, notify the Facilities Manager directly so the stock can be replenished.

First Aid

Rossmoor Tennis Club maintains basic first aid supplies in the Buckeye social area in a cabinet under the social area serving counter.   In case of an injury, the supplies contain adequate supplies to treat an injury.   A telephone resides at the Buckeye complex in case additional medical help is required.   Securitas personnel can be contacted at either 925-988-7899 or 925-939-0693.

The following first aid supplies are contained in the 4th unlocked-cabinet from the left:

  • Ace Wraps
  • Cleaning solution for cuts or abrasions
  • Bandages and tape
  • Benadryl (for reaction to insect stings)
  • Baby Aspirin (for administration if someone may be having a heart attack)
  • Hot and Cold packs for swelling, aches, or pains

If supplies need replacement, please notify the Facilities Manager with back up by RTC president .   

Lost and Found

Any items that are found at the Buckeye Tennis Complex are stored in the lost and found cabinet at the complex, which is the same unlocked cabinet that contains the first aid items (4th unlocked cabinet from the left under the social area serving counter).

Buckeye Complex Kiosk

The kiosk at the Buckeye facility contains tennis court sign-in forms as well as current tennis and tournament information which are posted on the kiosk bulletin boards. Used tennis balls can be discarded in the containers under the kiosk - these tennis balls are donated to charity or used for ball machine if still in good condition. If the kiosk needs updating, like sharpened pencils, please contact the Facilities Manager or back-up RTC President .

The sign-in forms are managed by Facilities Manager so if the forms need to be replenished, please contact him or her.

Buckeye Complex Under Counter Cabinets

Rossmoor Tennis Club maintains social area related supplies in the Buckeye social area in three locked and labeled under counter cabinets. These supplies are owned and maintained by the Rossmoor Tennis club and are used exclusively for tennis club functions. The supplies consist of:

  • Coffee and hot water makers
  • Coffee and tea and related supplies (sugar, stirrers, etc.)
  • Plastic and paper cups, paper plates, plastic wear, paper towels, paper napkins
  • Miscellaneous items needed for social functions

An additional unlocked and labeled cabinet (5th cabinet from the left) contains cleaning supplies. A fire extinguisher is mounted on the right side of the social counter. If supplies need to be replenished, please notify the Facilities Manager or back-up RTC President.

Buckeye Complex Barbecue

The barbecue/social area is administered by the GRF Recreation department and usage is on a reservation only basis. Advise Facilities Manager if propane tank needs to be replaced. The Rossmoor Tennis Club has usage priority. After using the social area, the area must be left in the condition that it was in before its use. In particular, all decorations must be removed, all trash properly discarded, and the area left clean. Per GRF rules, use of the social area, like the tennis courts, is limited to daylight hours only.

Buckeye Complex Storage Sheds

Rossmoor Tennis Club maintains two locked storage sheds at the Buckeye tennis complex. These sheds contain items that are used to help maintain the tennis complex as well as larger items that are needed for social functions. The supplies are owned and maintained by the Rossmoor Tennis club and are used exclusively for tennis club functions.   The supplies consist of:

  • Serving platters and other larger items used at social functions
  • Blower to clean the courts
  • Water hose and related items to clean the courts
  • Net related items (tapes)
  • Storage bins used for social occasions
  • Water and drinks that are used for tennis club event

In addition, the tennis club ball machine is available for use on Court 2 at the Buckeye Tennis Complex, provided a fee has been paid to use the machine.

If a tennis member needs access to either shed, please contact the Facilities Manager or his back-up RTC President.


A number of trophy related plaques are displayed in the kiosk. These plaques are updated after events are completed. The events include competitive play between Rossmoor and the Villages, Rossmoor and Rio Vista, and other tennis club play. In addition, a plaque is displayed that shows the annual service awards. Please contact RTC Vice President if a plaque needs to be updated.

Social Equipment Storage

The Club also has storage space at Hillside for various items used for social events, particularly for the summer BBQs.

Tennis Balls for Club Sponsored Events

The tennis club provides tennis balls for club sponsored events.   These events include home court tournaments, women's and men's home court league play, and other events such as Wild Card which is a monthly home court event.   Please contact Tournament Director if tennis balls are required for a Rossmoor Tennis Club related tennis event.