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Fri, Dec 09, 2022

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SMIL Men's Senior 60+ Doubles League

In California's San Francisco "East Bay", there is a seven-team Senior Men's Interclub League (SMIL).

The seven member teams are:

  • Walnut Creek I
  • Clubsport Pleasanton
  • Round Hill C.C.
  • Rossmoor
  • Walnut Creek II
  • Blackhawk C.C.
  • Oakland Hills
  • Moraga Country Club

There are six other teams in the league.  There is a single league coordinator who makes schedules for all of the teams, but that is as formal as it gets.    The idea of this league is for everyone to get a chance to play against other clubs and to socialize afterward.   This league was formed to make tennis an enjoyable game for all of us.  For additional information, especially if you would like to be on the team, contact Dave Kern, the inter-league coordinator for Rossmoor.   Practices are on Mondays, matches on alternate Wednesdays.

Here's how it works:

  • Age --- Players must be at least 60 years old by December 31st of the current year, a member of the RTC, and pay an annual fee for food and beverage when hosting.
  • Rating --- A USTA tennis rating is NOT required. This league is not affiliated with USTA. Players are generally 3.0+ equivalent and the team reserves the right to limit players to those at an appropriate standard.
  • Matches --- are on Wednesdays and will not start earlier than 10:00 a.m. or later than 1:00 p.m.   Both captains must agree on the start time. Captains may make schedule adjustments, if needed.   Rossmoor home matches are played at 11:00 a.m*.
    • Wins and losses will not be centrally recorded.
  • Scheduling --- There is a Fall League and a Summer  League.     Two rounds will be scheduled so that each team will play each opponent both at home and away (Fall League).   Summer League is a total of six matches since there is only one round due to vacations, etc.    Matches will be on alternate Wednesdays with beginning times no earlier than 10:00 and no later than 1:00*.       Both captains must agree on the start time.    Home Captain must contact the Visiting Captain one week prior to the match to set an agreed start time.    When the leagues are being played, the team will practice on Mondays at 11:00 a.m*.    Otherwise, there are also practices are on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m*.
  • Court Reservations --- When playing at Rossmoor, other Rossmoor players should be advised that courts 3 through 8 may be reserved by this match play.   Often notices close to the play dates will be posted in the kiosk with specifics.
  • Matches at Each Meeting --- There will be a minimum of 3 doubles matches, all to be played at the same time.   Each match is best two out of three sets, regular scoring.   If the teams split sets, they will play a super tie-breaker.   Teams are played in order of their strength so it's fun for everyone.   
  • Rain makeups --- are encouraged to be played on open Wednesdays following the rain out.  However, if both captains agree to a different day and time for the makeup match, (or for any other scheduled match), this will be acceptable.
  • Home team --- provides new balls, food, and beverage.    It is suggested that players also bring their own water / sports drinks.
  • Rossmoor Team --- has a coordinator who is a liaison with the league.   He also will get volunteers to act as captain for each individual match, and to coordinate practices.  

*Start times for practice and matches may be moved to earlier times in extreme hot weather.  Players will be notified in advance by group emails of these changes

SMIL Men's League

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