​RTC Tennis Instruction

The club has made arrangements with a number of individuals to provide instructional and coaching services to interested Rossmoor residents.   Each of these individuals has been approved by the RTC board.    Each of these individuals has their own guidelines (within the RTC guidelines below), fee structure, etc.   They may be contacted directly.

Tennis professionals / instructors:

  • Geo Bentley            1-925-947-1349
  • Sherry Endicott     1-925-938-0934
  • Frank Haswell       1-925-954-1716
  • Eugenio Ovalle      1-925-932-6551

Guidelines for RTC Tennis Professionals.

  • ​Our tennis instructors recognize that it is our desire to allow MULTIPLE individuals to provide instruction and/or coaching services to our members and that we do NOT wish to make an exclusive arrangement with any ONE individual for this purpose.
  • Our tennis instructors agree to offer their services to ALL ROSSMOOR RESIDENTS, not just RTC members.
  • Our tennis instructors are aware of our strict policy of non-solicitation of RTC members or residents.   They may use the information in our RTC Tennis Directory to facilitate communication with individuals who have initiated contact with them, but EMPHATICALLY NOT for the purpose of 'postal mailing', 'cold telephone calling' or 'cold emailing' to RTC members or other Rossmoor residents representing themselves as an RTC tennis instructor.
  • Some have observed that tennis instruction with it's use of many balls and ongoing instructional conversation may be inappropriate on our courts 3,4,5 & 6.   We have asked our tennis professionals to make every attempt to schedule their lessons and coaching sessions onto the four enclosed courts (courts 1,2,7, & 8).
  • Some have observed that a lesson is equivalent to a single person using a court.   NOT SO --- it's the same thing as a Rossmoor resident inviting a non-resident guest to use a court for regular play.   It's equivalent to one Rossmoor resident setting up a regular game, (it's two or more people using a court).
  • One difference to be noted is that a court may only be reserved for ONE HOUR for tennis-pro instructional purposes, regardless of how many students are participating.