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Fri, Dec 08, 2023

USTA Mixed Doubles 55+ League

RTC Logo 70 KB TransThese Mixed Doubles leagues are for men and women 55 years of age or older.   Team match format is three doubles matches.   NTRP levels are 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0.*   *The total of the ratings of the two players of each doubles team may not exceed the NTRP level of the team (i.e., 7.0 team could use a combination of two 3.5 players, a 4.0 with a 3.0 player, or a 3.0 player with a 3.5 player). Ratings for individuals are determined by USTA guidelines.

The USTA is a progressive and diverse not-for-profit organization whose volunteers, professional staff and financial resources support a single mission: to promote and develop the growth of tennis.   The USTA is the largest tennis organization in the world, with 17 geographical sections, more than 700,000 individual members and more than 7,800 Organizational Members, thousands of volunteers and a professional staff dedicated to growing the game.

Rossmoor's mixed doubles team plays in a league that starts on September 18th, 2016 and ends on November 13, 2016.   There will be a total of ten matches played against five other clubs.   Each team will take turns hosting the event.   There will be three doubles matches played, with the winner taking at least two out of three of the individual matches.    The scores will be reported to the league coordinator by computer.   The top four teams in the league will play each other in a playoff format, with the winner going to a sectional tournament to be held at a place to be determined.

When the clubs play each other there will be time to host afterwards.   The home teams will provide lunch for the visitors.   The Buckeye BBQ area has always been a popular spot when Rossmoor hosts teams from around the Bay Area.

Rossmoor will host other teams on Sundays, starting with practice at 9:30 AM and play commencing at 10:00 AM.   The matches at other clubs will be on various days and at different times.   One match will even be played on a Wednesday evening.   When the matches are at Rossmoor a notice will be in the kiosk with specific date(s) and time(s).

If there are any questions, Rob Ingalls is currently the team captain.   His contact information is in the Rossmoor Tennis Club directory.


 2016-2017    Mixed Doubles 55+ League Schedule:

Practice is always at 9:30 AM and play time is 10:00 AM on Sunday home match days.

  1. September 18 host Lafayette Tennis Center
  2. September 24 play Walnut Creek B at Heather Farms
  3. October 2 host Walnut Creek A
  4. October 5 play Diamond Hills at Diamond Hills Sports Club
  5. October 9 play Walnut Creek A at Heather Farms
  6. October 16 host Valley Vista
  7. October 23 play Harbor Bay at Harbor Bay Tennis
  8. October 30 host Berkeley Tennis Center
  9. November 6 play Lafayette at Lafayette Tennis Center
  10. November 13 host Walnut Creek B