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Sat, Sep 18, 2021

For many years, our friend and tennis pro, the late Jerry McConnell conducted a free, very popular, 90-minute tennis clinic.   Previously held at the Creekside Tennis Complex, the clinic is now held on Court 1 and 2 at the Buckeye Tennis Complex and is overseen by Marcia Perry.

This event has proven very popular and has given many beginning players and those new to Rossmoor an introduction to tennis at Rossmoor.  This event is open to all Rossmoor residents and their accompanied guests.   You need NOT be an RTC member to attend, do NOT need to sign up, and WILL be warmly welcomed by Marcia Perry (Clinic Organizer). Eugenio Ovalle (Tennis Instructor), and a number of the Wednesday Tennis Clinic loyal attendees.   This event is conducted year-round (weather permitting) each Wednesday morning from 10:00 AM until approximately 11:30 AM on Court 1 at the Buckeye Tennis Complex.

How The Clinic Works

Using courts 1 and 2, Eugenio Ovalle conducts tennis classes for the first half of the clinic for all player levels.  In the second half of the clinic, Marcia Perry selectively introduces players into rotating doubles play.   Each game is scored  'first to get to three', at which time the losing side retires (after 3 consecutive wins, the winning team also retires).    Waiting players are queued by Marcia according to a variety of factors which allows attending players to meet and play with several different people each Wednesday morning.  It is not only a tennis clinic where you can improve your game, it is really an easy-going, fun social morning.

Why We Love It

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This event has welcomed countless players into the Rossmoor tennis community.    Old timers value this event because it doesn't require sign-ups, doesn't require locating subs, is always enjoyable, and because its a valued Rossmoor tennis tradition. Now the clinic offers free tennis lessons for beginners looking to learn the fundamentals as well as more experienced players looking to hone their game.  Come on out, you'll enjoy it.


Wednesday Free Tennis Lessons start again on January 31st at 10:00AM Courts 1 and 2 at Buckeye Tennis courts.

Open to all Rossmoor Residents.

Marcia Perry and Eugene Ovalle
Welcome beginners or advanced players


Over a 10 week cycle, Ovalle will work on:
Forehand, Flat, Slice, Topspin, ( Weeks 1 and 2)
Backhand, Flat , Slice ,Topspin( Weeks 3 and 4)
Lobs and overheads ( Weeks 4 and 5)
Volleys and drop shots. (Week 6 and 7)
Doubles Strategy (Week 8)
Serve (Weeks 9 and 10)

For more information please contact Eugenio Ovalle at 925-932-6551

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