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RTC General Meeting
Monday, July 15, 2019, 01:30pm - 03:00pm
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern
by Carol Pillsbury
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General Meeting of all RTC members.

1:30 pm in the Fairway Room at Creekside  

President - Carol Pillsbury

  • Welcomed general members, motion of June minutes approved

Vice President - Dave Blanchard

  • no report

Secretary - Joyce Decker

  • no Report

Treasurer - Barbara Schwartz

  • budget healthy

Tournaments - Chris Slee

  • Orinda Woods Tournament being planned
  • needs volunteer for Sept. wild card, Patty Richards accepted
  • mens doubles tournament 9/21, Trilogy, and Oct. wild card being planned

Social - Marian "Cinnamon" Renvall

  • Xmas party 12/19 in Fireside Room will have open bar (open bar alternatives discussed for all social events)
  • Saturday BBQ's discussed, suggestions made of  "free stuff" being offered to entice future attendence 
  • Mary Ann Shields to host "Joke Night" 7/27". Larry Barclay offered jokes to get idea accross
  • Request a second blender be provided for theme night parties

Membership - Terry Quinlan

  • 205 members; 49 using ball machine
  • Discussed president sending email with new member contact info to membership
  • Oct. 12 new member cocktail party

Facilities - Bill Van Wagoner

  • still looking into getting tennis club sign painted
  • Larry Cook reports BBQ gas tank left open last week. Suggestion of providing sign with instructions and reminder to shut off, since it is sometimes used by non members
  • reports 4 courts are being washed each week then the other 4 the alternate week
  • suggestion of providing a cooler at BBQ area 

Publicity - Ken Steiner

  • no Report

Information Technology - Chris Slee

  • No Report

Old Business

  •  Ron Wyman presented info requesting club to provide backboard, maybe sharing cost with GRF, will continue investigating possibilities

New Business

Request club purchase bistro lights for Buckeye 

Motion to approve purchase of Bistro lights, cooler, and blender approved

Next Meeting ... see Board / Admin Calendar on this site

Location Bunker Room at Creekside

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