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Tue, Feb 18, 2020


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RTC Board Meeting
Monday, September 16, 2019, 01:30pm - 03:00pm
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern
by Carol Pillsbury
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Meeting of all RTC officers 

RTC Board Meeting --- DATE --- Agenda / Minutes

President - Carol Pillsbury

  • absent

Vice President - Dave Blanchard

  • Since there was no August meeting, July minutes were approved.
  • Nominating committee for 2020 board members being led by Bernie Wolfe and Ron Weiman. Looking for 3 more per the by-laws.  need 2 board replacements for Cinnamon and Barbara. Barbara agrees to stay on for one year to get new financial programs established. Consider option of her to shadow new member..
  • Perhaps need to amend by-laws
  • Nominees also needed for Service Award. Send suggestion to Carol. Suggested to make presentation at Xmas party

Secretary - Joyce Decker

  • no report

Treasurer - Barbara Schwartz

  • healthy budget >$15,000.
  • Holiday party being organized by Dave and Mary Hickey. Agreed to pay cost of party not covered by admission. Motion to charge $40/person admission approved
  • Terry offered to help Ken with newspaper publicity

Tournaments - Chris Slee

  • absent but discussed Wild Card Tourny cancelled. discussed changing format to spark interest and perhaps have fewer tournaments
  • Trilogy Tourny at Rio Vista coming up

Social - Marian "Cinnamon" Renvall

  • absent . Discussed New Member party at Stanley Dollar Oct. 12

Membership - Terry Quinlan

  • 209 members. 54 ball machine. Terry personally meets and greets new members to acquaint them with club

Facilities - Bill Van Wagoner

  • calculated approx. 1350 members/month usage of courts
  • Regarding refrigerator at courts: GRF concerned about electricity amperage available. Katha Hartley has volunteered used frig at no cost. 

Publicity - Ken Steiner

  • no Report

Information Technology - Chris Slee

  • absentReport

Old Business

New Business

Next Meeting ... see Board / Admin Calendar on this site

Location Bunker Room at Creekside

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