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Wed, Jan 22, 2020




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RTC General Meeting
Monday, November 18, 2019, 01:30pm - 03:00pm
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern
by Carol Pillsbury
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General Meeting of all RTC members

1:30 pm in the Fairway Room at Creekside

RTC Board Meeting --- DATE --- Agenda / Minutes

President - Carol Pillsbury

  • Approval of October Board Meeting minutes - No changes, approved unopposed by voice vote

Vice President - Dave Blanchard

  • Tennis Trophies and Plaques,
  • Club has been asked to remove all plaques from Stanley Dollar back to 1975-1998
  • Will put photos onto club web site
  • Will keep Villages, Trilogy plaque and Dave will find a place to display them

Secretary - Joyce Decker

  • Report

Treasurer - Barbara Schwartz

  • Bank balance is $14,364, this has been a frugal year, on and under budget on most items

Membership - Terry Quinlan

  • Have 212 members
  • 2020 Membership Drive
    • Presented renewal options
    • Can leave a check and form at the Club mailbox at Gateway
    • RTC will not deposit checks until January

Social - Marian "Cinnamon" Renvall

  • BALLS Holiday Luncheon is December 16
  • Holiday Party update - David Hickey -- on December 19
    • 36 people have signed up so far, need many more sign ups
    • Committed to 100 with Creekside catering
    • Please invite other club members and partners, who are welcome and do NOT need to be club members
    • Club is subsidizing
    • Will update at Dec 16 board meeting
    • Need a few more volunteers for registration as they arrive
  • Board is working on room reservations etc. for next year

Tournaments - Chris Slee

  • Call for tournament volunteers
  • Membership feedback on number, format and timing of tournaments
    • Too bunched together in October
  • Orinda home and away ...
    • Sign up invitation was not out to the entire membership, this was a mistake
    • RTC will be crystal clear that Inter-Club tournaments are open to everyone, with the understanding that the captain will put up the strongest line up from those available
  • Trilogy Rio Vista ...
    • Have mutual difficulty getting enough participation because of the travel and the restricted courts at their location
    • Board will consider dropping this event next year and formalizing the Orinda relationship

Facilities - Bill Van Wagoner

  • Rechargeable Blower will be considered at December meeting
  • Any members with old towels are requested to donate them for court cleanup by putting them in the lockers at Buckeye
  • Court conditions: some cracks are getting wider, causing concerns about safety
    • Jeff Matheson MOD has a standard about vertical offsets before resurfacing; told no cracks are dealt with until there is a "safety" issue
    • Players consider this a safety issue even without a height difference as shoes can catch in cracks
    • Chris Slee mentioned that courts were regularly patched at high schools in the Midwest, between resurfacing
    • Recommendation to take this directly to GRF planning committee
  • Backboard ... talked with GRF about doing a 50-50 split.  Have not yet got to point where we can submit proposal as Bill has been looking into getting a second hand board. Note, recent designs are also sound deadening

Publicity - Ken Steiner

  • Asked for articles other than team, tournament results and social events
  • Will put in reminders for the Holiday party

Information Technology - Chris Slee

  • Showed updated approach for annual membership renewal

Old Business

  •  Report

New Business

  • Rossmoor Scholarship Foundation [Bernie Wolf]
    • Qualify and support students going on to further education
    • Bernie made a request for donations
    • Board approved $100 donation
  • Rossmoor Logo on clothing: Mike Ying will coordinate any requests at approximately $14 per item
  • Vote on 2020 Board Nominees -- approved by acclamation [load applause]
    • Larry Barclay -- Vice President
    • Rowena Slee -- Publicity
    • Dave Hickey -- Social
  • New Committee to Explore Capital Expenses: Solicited ideas
    • Glass enclosure at Buckeye for plaques
    • Awnings over the courts that do not have shade
  • Pickleball is not pursuing outdoor tennis courts as there is not enough play outside and they play at the same time
  • Rossmoor Tennis Signs: MOD does not want to paint them but RTC will find a way to do that

Next Meeting ... see Board / Admin Calendar on this site

Location Bunker Room at Creekside

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