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Tue, Jan 28, 2020


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RTC Board Meeting
Monday, December 16, 2019, 01:30pm - 03:00pm
This repeat is an exception to the normal repeat pattern
by Carol Pillsbury
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Meeting of all RTC officers 

RTC Board Meeting ---DECEMBER 18,2019  Minutes

President - Carol Pillsbury

  • Introduced new 2020 Board members: Rowena Slee/Publicity, Larry Barclay/Vice President, Dave Hickey/ Social
  • Ken Steiner will move to Treasurer; Dave Blanchard moves to President
  • Jerry Quinlan will step in to complete Bill Van Wagoner's term 
  • Pillsbury, Renvall and Schwarz have completed their term
  • November minutes were approved

Vice President - Dave Blanchard

      no report

Secretary - Joyce Decker

  • no Report

Treasurer - Barbara Schwartz

  • Financial report healthy
  • Donations received by Rossmoor Fund and Hospice. Thank you letters received
  • Credit card updates for website to be done by Slee

Tournaments - Chris Slee

  • Presented 2020 Tournament schedule; cancelling Trilogy and adding a second Orinda Woods
  • Blanchard will contact Jeff Matheson regarding interclub court cleaning

Social - Marian "Cinnamon" Renvall

  • absent. Pillsbury reports there was a ladies holiday party and suggested a watch party for US Open women's 
  • Hickey updated Christmas holiday party >100 sign ups. All organized

Membership - Terry Quinlan

  • Collecting membership fees. 

Facilities - Jerry Quinlan

  *  Discussed purchase of portable blower. Motion approved for approximate $200                     

  *  Will look into ball machine service and getting court signup sheets

  * Painting of tennis sign near court 3 still under discussion

Publicity - Ken Steiner

  • No Report

Information Technology - Chris Slee

  • Discussion. Computer training for board members Jan. 7

Old Business

  •  Ladies 2 BALLS team discussed. Dissatisfaction with member placement procedure. Blanchard will develop guidelines for RTC oversight of sponsored inter club teams. Guidelines to be discussed with and approved by RTC board
  • Capital Expense Committee: Decker, Quinlan and Endicott casually polled members. Reported most against backboard; Refrigerator still wanted by ladies; Request: Courtside awnings; more bleachers, new chairs, shade and work table and fan for BBQ area; 5x5 free standing weather proof display case for trophies. Committee will try to get some estimates

New Business


* COURT REPAIR:  Barclay, Quinlan and Pillsbury will form committee to further explore 

Next Meeting ... see Board / Admin Calendar on this site

Location Bunker Room at Creekside

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