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Information about administration of the Club

Administration - Membership

RTC Membership Information

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Joining RTC allows participation in numerous tournaments, attendance at social events sponsored by RTC, and participation in team and league play.    Numerous levels of play are available. 

The also club maintains a ball machine on Court 2 at the Buckeye Tennis Complex, which requires an additional fee.

  • Dues are currently $30.00 a year and and additional $35 for ball machine privileges for Rossmoor residents
  • Dues are $100 year and $35 per year for legacy grandfathered Non-residents [this is a change to reflect the other fees residents already pay thru GRF]

Rossmoor Tennis Club is open to all residents of Rossmoor. Reminders for renewal membership are sent out to current members late in the calendar year. Prospective new members will find applications available in the kiosk at Buckeye Tennis Complex and or using the icons below. The Club is NOT accepting NEW non-resident membership applications at this time.

Membership directories are published and available online in late January or early February.    The most recent updates to the directory are maintained constantly on the website throughout the year.

Click on one of the icons above to join online or use a paper form.

Team Tournament Format

In each round a team plays a "set" against another team, with the players rotating in and out to represent the team

  • Players 1 and 2 start, and after each game one player from each team rotates out to be replaced
    • Player 1 rotates out after game 1 to be replaced by team member 3
    • Player 2 rotates out after game 2 to be replaced by team member 4,
    • Player 3 rotates out after game 3 etc. 
  • and so on until all members of the team have played and the rotation starts again with player 1
  • Please note: this guarantees that every player gets to play at least 2 games in a set but it does not guarantee that everyone gets to serve.

Games are no-ad with men serving to men and women serving to women; otherwise it's receiver's choice.

If the sun rule is in effect, all games are served from the same end, with one team serving one game, then changing ends and the other team serving two games in a row before the next changeover. The player about to rotate out should serve first after a changeover.

Rotation ... Prior to starting play, write down the player rotation

  • As far as reasonable, players should be in order man, woman, man, woman ...
  • A team keeps the same rotation for a set, but can change between sets.

Note: the old approach, which used less rotation, has been abandoned because it is more biased to key players and some players on a team might never get to play!?!

  • The server goes out each game and the next number comes on court.
  • Note: Players 2 and 3 dominate and will play 4 games with this approach

Chop Suey Tournament Specifics

The Chop Suey format keeps splitting and then reforming teams up and down the courts.  The number of players is flexible but must be a combination of 4 as all the matches are doubles.

One court is designated as the lowest court, e.g. court 1, and the other courts are in order up to the highest court.  For example, there are 24 players on 6 courts, with the courts numbered 1 thru 6, 6 being the "highest" court.

The tournament captain rings the bell twice to start all the courts at the same time.

  • Each round is played as up to 9 point tie breaker.  First to team to 9 points wins. 
  • Teams that finish early can rest.
  • The tournament captain monitors the courts and normally lets the other courts finish up.
  • If there is a severe "straggler", the captain can ring the bell to force a sudden death end to the round. Whichever team has the lead wins the round.
  • The tournament captain rings the bell to tell everyone to move between courts
  • Then rings the bell twice to start all the courts again at the same time.


  • The winners on each court get promoted to the next higher court. Winners on the top court stay put.
  • The runners up (!) move down to the next lower court.  They stay put on the lowest court.
  • Partners always split to become opponents in the next round
  • In a mixed tournament, the pairings are reset each round to have a man and woman on each team.
  • In single gender tournaments, one promoted player spins to see which of the two demoted players becomes their partner.
    • If this is a rematch, play with the other opponent you didn't play with previously

Tournament Captain should ensure there

  • are at least as many rounds as the number of teams, thus giving a very good team that started on the lowest court a chance to move up to a winning position.
  • is a rest break after about an hour for 10-15 minutes, followed by a second period, probably lasting about 45 minutes.

Finishing and finding the winners.  With 15 minutes to go, the captain announces the final round.  The final standings are:

  1. Winners on the highest court
  2. Runners up on the highest court
  3. Winners on the second highest court.

Blind Draw Tournament Specifics


There are 4 to 6 Rounds of play with 16, 20 or 24 Players.

  • Men's are NUMBERED with blue name tags
  • Women are assigned LETTERS and have red name tags.
    • Occasionally, if there is an imbalance between men and women, a player will get a different tag.
  • Two rules on partners:
    • No married couples play together,
    • Must have a different partner for Rounds 3 and 4.

Rounds 1&2 are played by team NUMBERs. The men with numbers draw for a letter for a partner and put that partners name on their name tag. [If a man has a letter on his name tag he will have to wait to be drawn.]

Rounds 3&4 are played by LETTERS. Those with letters on their name tags draw numbers for partners and put their partners name on their name tag.

There are enough copies of the rules and court assignments so each participant can have one if they like. They may need your help so read them. Also see if you get them to understand Rossmoor Rules for serving.


Duties of Officers

The RTC Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a current outline of the duties of officers.   Changes to the duties will be proposed and voted on as necessary at regularly scheduled board meetings.

Read more ...

RTC Organization

The business and social affairs of the club are governed by our By Laws and administered by a nine-member Board, Committees The Board meets once a month on the third Monday to conduct its business and in March, July, and November hold general meetings for all club members each year. Members are welcome at any Board meeting but these three general meetings give all club members an opportunity to participate in decision-making and in the election of new board members.

If you're a member, log in to find Admin - Forms for Printing and Procedures for running events and working with the club

Board of Directors:

Board Member: Board Title: Term: (year end)
Outgoing 2018:
Carol Pillsbury President 2019 Bernie Wolf
Dave Blanchard Vice President 2020 Carol Pillsbury
Joyce Decker Secretary 2021 Les Hoskyns 
Barbara Schwartz Treasurer 2019  
Chris Slee Tournaments 2020 Bob McGowan
Marian Renvall Social 2020 Carol Pillsbury
Terry Quinlan Membership 2021  Larry Fredricks
Bill Van Wagoner Facilities 2020 Rolf Kvalvik
Ken Steiner Publicity 2021 Dave Blanchard


Procedures for Officers

Responsibilities of Board Officers


  1. Serve as chairman of the Board of Directors.
  2. Preside at all regular and special meetings.
  3. With approval of the Board, appoint chairmen of standing committees and others deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Club.
  4. Shall see that the Bylaws and such other rules and regulations adopted by the membership are enforced.
  5. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except nominating committee.
  6. With approval of the Board, confer as needed with Golden Rain Foundation's Community Relations Dept. regarding rules governing court usage.

Vice President:

  1. Assume President's responsibilities in the President's absence.
  2. Serve as the Club's representative on the Activities Council and report on the Council's meetings at the Club's Board meetings.
  3. Serve as the Club's Conflict Resolution Committee Chairman. 4.   Perform other duties as assigned by the President.


  1. Record and preserve in written form the minutes of all Board and General Meetings.
  2. Post minutes of all general membership meetings and, in consultation with the President, matters of general interest from Board meetings on the Club bulletin board near the courts.
  3. Conduct club correspondence.
  4. Issue or post notices of meetings.
  5. Prepare copies of minutes of all meetings for the President and Vice President.


  1. Take charge of and deposit all funds in the name of the Rossmoor Tennis Club and disburse such funds subject to the approval of the Board.
  2. Present a record of receipts and disbursements and make a financial report at all Board and General Meetings.
  3. Prepare, for Board approval, a proposed budget for the year.


  1. Organize a calendar of Tournaments
  2. Recruit volunteers to help co-produce these events including
    • Facilities
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Invitations
    • Articles and publicity
  3. Work with Publicity Officer to publicize and market the events
  4. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site:
    • Including pre- and post-event articles
    • Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. Organize a calendar of Social events
    • These typically include the following six [6] events:
  2. Recruit volunteers to help co-produce these events including
    • Facilities
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Invitations and sign ups
    • Orchestrate payments with the Treasurer
    • Articles and publicity
  3. Work with Publicity Officer to publicize and market the events
  4. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site:
    • Including pre- and post-event articles
    • Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. The Court Engineer has as a primary responsibility for the maintenance of facilities used by the tennis club.  
    • These facilities include the courts, the nets, the windscreens, brooms and squeegees, the clocks, the kiosks, and the social area structures and storage sheds.   The kiosk is an important communication facility to post notices and alert members to events and court usage.  
  2. Schedules the cleaning and maintenance of the courts.
  3. Maintain the ball machine, periodically cull and replace old balls
  4. Orders supplies for the courts, the social areas, and the first aid kit. 
    • These supplies include items such as cups, plates, napkins, propane for the grill, and band-aids.
    • If any items need to be replenished, notify the Engineer directly so the stock can be replenished.
  5. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site:
    • Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. Reach out to get new members for the club
  2. Shepherd new members through the firt time enrollment process
  3. Work to simplify and maximize annual re-enrolment 
  4. Coordinate Payments with the Treasurer
  5. Work with Publicity Officer to publicize and market the Club to 
  6. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site:
    • Including pre- and post-recruitment articles
    • Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. Publicize and market the Club
  2. Work with other officers to help markets events
  3. Publish a monthly newsletter
  4. Maintain a flow of high visibility articles in the Rossmoor News
  5. Maintain event and publicity articles on the Club web site, working to support other Officers
  6. Coordinate with other Rossmoor web sites including



Procedures to run events etc.

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Articles about internal Board communications and deliberations

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