Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Feb 03, 2023

Stephen M Loeb Memorial Outstanding Service Award

Every year the club recognizes two individual for their contributions over the years to the Club. These people went above and beyond to make the Club what it is today. Thanks so much!

RTC Awards 1998 2013 Medium
1998 Barbara McKenzie Melba Smith  
1999 Marcia Perry Art Frueh  
2000 Nancy McConnell Jerry McConnell  
2001 Winnie Welton Jack Bell  
2002 Laurie Wirsig  Sam Schiffer  
2003 Janice Ottey Robert Juengert  
2004 Betty Cook Duke Robinson  
2005 Claire Blue
Joanne Anderson
Louis Young  
2006 Ginny Seevers Donald Liddle  
2007 Kerin Baker Robert Altman  
2008 Barbara Blum Ken Haley  
2009 Louise Ng
Carolyn Hinrichs
Bob Sequeira  
2010 Loc Barnes Fred Barnes  
2011 Angie Demetrovich Art White  
2012 Barbara May Joe Potozkin  
2013 Eppie Ying Peter Scully  
RTC Awards 2014 on
2014 Joyce Niebur Les Hoskyns  
2015 Lil Kuhl Dave Kern  
2016 Pauline Hanley Bill Sederowitz  
2017 Cheryl Patterson Mark Patterson  
2018 Sally Nordwall Eugene Ovalle  
2019 Mary Ann Shields Ron Wyman  
2020 Barbara Schwartz Bernie Wolf