Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Sat, Sep 18, 2021

President Notes

Make facilities reservations: each September, meet with the GRF Recreation Dept. representative together with the RTC Vice President and Social Chair to reserve rooms, picnic venues and courts for the club's activities on dates approved by the board for the upcoming year. The VP, being the upcoming president will sign the reservation contracts. The President will book the appointment with the Recreation Department contact who will send forms to be completed before the meeting and specify the amount of reservation fee. The president will bring a check to meeting to pay for the reservations.

Set up the room for the club's quarterly general meeting: water, coffee, healthy snacks, cookies, etc.

In October, at the board meeting, oversee the selection of Outstanding Service Award recipients. VP handles plaque engraving and individual award trophies. The President presents the awards at the November general meeting or Holiday party.

OCT - New Members Party (Patio at Stanley Dollar Clubhouse). President welcomes and introduces new members to the club. Give overview of club tournaments, social events and volunteer opportunities.

OCT/NOV - President appoints five members to a nominating committee to nominate members for the board for the next year. President will post the list of nominees at Buckeye kiosk. Conduct election at November general meeting. See RTC By Laws for specifics.

DEC - At Holiday party; thank event hosts and volunteers, thank outgoing board members, intro new board members, make presentation of Outstanding Service awards if they weren't done at the general meeting

JAN - Hold meeting to establish budget for upcoming year. This meeting includes; past president, incoming president, treasurer, social chair and incoming VP. The treasurer provides copies of previous year’s budget. This group usually meets informally in someone’s home.

JAN - The president meets the incoming president and treasurer meet at Mechanics Bank to sign authorization forms for financial transactions for the coming year.

JAN/FEB - with the Membership Chair, coordinate assembly, printing and distribution of the RTC Membership Directory

  • Monthly meeting agenda --- entered directly into the website and printed just prior to the meeting.  Conduct monthly meetings.
  • Periodic email blasts to members with links to the website entries, with updates on tournaments, parties, etc.