Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Thu, Jan 27, 2022

Augmented by RTC Board of Directors

  • Jul-24 Amended Rule 7
  1. Buckeye Tennis Courts are for Rossmoor Residents only. Guests are not allowed at this time:
    • No Friends, No Siblings, No Children, No Grandchildren
  2. Must adhere to social distancing of 6’ at all times. People waiting for court time must remain 6’ apart.
  3. Masks must be worn at all times except while playing.
  4. If sick or exposed to Covid-19, stay home.
  5. Use Hand sanitizer stations and/or wash hands for 20 seconds
  6. No sign-in at kiosk. If courts are full, alert others you are waiting. See separate posting for court reservation procedures
  7. Singles matches only. Still limit to 60 minutes per match if courts are full. A new player may rotate into the court as one of the other players rotates off after each game or several games. Only two people can be on the court at any time. One must be outside of the court before the next enters.  All other rules must be obeyed: distancing, no shared equipment (personal chairs, separate tennis balls, isolation). Residents only. Rotating players in does not increase the 60 minute time limit. Singles matches only. No doubles,
  8. Those waiting for court time must stand a minimum of 6’ apart. No use of benches or bleachers.
    • [Can bring your own chair provided you do not share it and you remove it after play]
  9. No gatherings before or after matches.
  10. No sharing of club or personal equipment.
  11. Players must bring two set of differently numbered balls to play. Each player will only touch, with their hand, their own “individually labeled/numbered” tennis balls. If players’ balls can’t be easily distinguished from each other, they must leave the court
  12. No tournament play, league play, or group instruction.
  13. No handshakes or contact.
  14. BBQ area will remain closed. It is a Picnic area under GRF rules.
  15. RTC rule: Gate latches will be wired open. Gates to courts are to be opened only with purified hands, racquets or feet.
  16. RTC rule: The Ball Machine may not be used by anyone at any time. [It would be shared equipment].

These rules are based on the USTA COVID 19 Guidelines “Playing tennis safely: Player Tips and Recommendations [PDF] [HTML]” and GRF. They were developed in coordination with GRF [Golden Rain Foundation] according to City and Contra Costa County Guidance.

Use of Golden Rain Facilities is subject to City, County, and State Health Code directives.  Conditions of use may change without notice.  Abuse of these rules will jeopardize the use of this facility for all Residents.

All players are expected to politely caution anyone observed ignoring these rules. If a player reacts to a caution impolitely or continues to ignores the rules he/she should be reported to an RTC board member for board consideration and resolution.