Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Dec 08, 2023

The business and social affairs of the club are governed by our By Laws and administered by a nine-member Board, Committees The Board meets once a month on the third Monday to conduct its business and in March, July, and November hold general meetings for all club members each year. Members are welcome at any Board meeting but these three general meetings give all club members an opportunity to participate in decision-making and in the election of new board members.

If you're a member, log in to find Admin - Forms for Printing and Procedures for running events and working with the club

Board of Directors:

Board Member: Board Title: Term:
(year end)
Email Outgoing:
Al Peters President 2023  Larry Barclay
Emily Van Vleet Vice President 2025 ebv2new gmail  Al Peters
Barbara Landberg Secretary 2024  
Ken Steiner Treasurer 2024  
Ike Ichikawa Tournaments 2026 iekuni.ichikawa ..  Chris Slee
Laura Townsend Social 2025 lauralutownsend gmail  Dave Hickey
Terry Quinlan Membership 2024  
Jerry Quinlan Facilities 2023  
Linda Hague Publicity 2025 laphague gmail Amy Bollinger

 Note: the email addresses are "Cloaked" to prevent online attacks.  You'll have to re-type them. You cannot copy and paste them

There are a few standing "subcommittees" of the club.

Member: Role Term:
(year end)
Email Outgoing:
Bernie Wolf SMIL Men's team Principal   davekern44 .. gmail  
Mary Benin Ladies league team Principal   mary.benin ... gmail