Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Thu, Feb 22, 2024

Revised Dec 20, 2021

The RTC Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining a current outline of the duties of officers.   Changes to the duties will be proposed and voted on as necessary at regularly scheduled board meetings.

Significant removals marked

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  1. Serve as chairman of the Board of Directors.
  2. Preside at all regular and special meetings.
  3. With approval of the Board, appoint chairmen of standing committees and others deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Club.
  4. Shall see that the Bylaws and such other rules and regulations adopted by the membership are enforced.
  5. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except nominating committee.
  6. With approval of the Board, confer as needed with Golden Rain Foundation's Community Relations Dept. regarding rules governing court usage.
  7. Communicate to the Club thru the web site. Respond in a timely manner to online communications

Vice President:

  1. Assume President's responsibilities in the President's absence.
  2. If there is not an existing Club representative, then the Vice President may serve as the Club's representative on the Activities Council and report on the Council's meetings at the Club's Board meetings.
  3. Serve as the Club's Conflict Resolution Committee Chairman.
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by the President.


  1. Record and preserve in written form the minutes of all Board and General Meetings.
  2. Maintain Club's governing documents on the web site
  3. Post minutes of all general membership meetings and, in consultation with the President, matters of general interest from Board meetings on the web site. Club bulletin board near the courts.
  4. Prepare club correspondence as needed
  5. Issue or post notices of meetings.
  6. Prepare copies of minutes of all meetings. for the President and Vice President.
  7. Develop Agenda for meetings etc. in coordination with the President.


  1. Take charge of and deposit all funds in the name of the Rossmoor Tennis Club and disburse such funds subject to the approval of the Board with limits as follows:
    • Up to $100 by any director
    • $100 to $500 by the chair of any event or program
    • over $500 by the club President
  2. Present a record of receipts and disbursements and make a financial report at all Board and General Meetings.
  3. Prepare, for Board approval, a proposed budget for the year.


  1. Organize a calendar of Tournaments
  2. Understand the procedures for running tournaments ... Procedure - Tournaments
  3. Understand the Excel spreadsheet use to generate Tournament rotations, handouts and scorecards.
  4. Recruit volunteers to help co-produce these events including
    • Facilities
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Invitations
    • Articles and publicity
  5. Assist captains and coordinators of the women's leagues and the men's leagues when they are hosting opposing clubs here at Rossmoor.
  6. Work with Publicity Officer to publicize and market the events
  7. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site. Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. Organize a calendar of Social events
    • These typically include the following events:
      1. Valentine Party around Feb. 14
      2. Saturday Summer BBQ’s from Memorial Day to Labor Day
      3. Special BBQ’s:
        • Hamburger night - supplied by club
        • Margarita night - supplied by club
        • Games night
        • And any other specials
  2. Recruit volunteers to help co-produce these events including
    • Facilities
    • Food
    • Entertainment
    • Invitations and sign ups
    • Orchestrate payments with the Treasurer
    • Articles and publicity
  3. Assist volunteers with events
  4. Work with Publicity Officer to market the events
  5. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site. Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. The Facilities Coordinator has as a primary responsibility for the maintenance of facilities used by the tennis club. These facilities include:
    • Brooms and squeegees, rollers, leaf blower, clocks, scoreboards, and the social area structures and storage sheds.  
    • Also the courts, nets, screens and signage by coordinating with the Club President and Mutual Operations Divisions [MOD]
    • the kiosk. The Kiosk is an important communication facility to post notices and alert members to events and court usage.  
  2. Schedules the cleaning and maintenance of the courts with MOD
  3. Maintain the ball machine including the balls
  4. Oversee the ordering of supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, propane for the grill and
    first aid supplies
    • These supplies include items such as cups, plates, napkins, propane for the grill, and band-aids.
    • If any items need to be replenished, notify the Engineer directly so the stock can be replenished.
  5. Introduce ideas for possible improvements to the facilities
  6. Maintain timely and accurate event information on the Club web site. Respond in a timely manner to online communications


  1. Promote and create a welcoming atmosphere for new members.
  2. Process and shepherd new members through the first-time enrollment.
    1. Enter into online membership directory.
    2. Enter check number and amount in spreadsheet and maintain progressive annual totals of monies and members.
    3. Add to new member list for handy use when planning New Member Party and New Member Tournament.
    4. Send welcome email to new members with attachment outlining all the amentities the Club offers, as a convenient reference.
    5. For ball machine users, forward to the Facilities Officer their contact information so Facilities can offer use training and code to the shed. Maintain a current list of authorized users.
    6. Contact new member by phone to arrange a meet in person and to drop off a directory.
  3. Co-Produce the annual member directory with Webmaster
  4. Coordinate dues and ball machine payments with the Treasurer
  5. Reach out to get new members for the club. Work with Publicity Officer to publicize and market the Club through channels such as Rossmoor News, Nextdoor, Gateway, reminders about a new clinic.
  6. Maintain the website membership directory
  7. Respond in a timely manner to online communications
  8. Work to simplify and maximize annual re-enrollment 


  1. Rossmoor News: Provide articles featuring Club activities and events.
  2. Rossmoor News: Absent of Club activities a column “Tennis Tips” may be submitted to keep club in the news.
  3. Copy Communications Chair with all Rossmoor News submissions for historical entry into website.
  4. Partner with other Board members to insure consistent overall communications to the membership.
  5. Partner with Rossmoor Recreation Dept. and Channel 28 as needed, in conjunction with Communication Chair.
  6. Sole Rossmoor News contact person for news articles. A Rossmoor News requirement.
  7. Publicize and market the Club
  8. Work with other officers to help markets events
    • Including event articles
    • Encourage photos with articles
  9. Publish a monthly newsletter
  10. Maintain a flow of high visibility articles in the Rossmoor News
  11. Maintain event and publicity articles on the Club web site, working to support other Officers
  12. Coordinate with other Rossmoor web sites including


  1. Maintain as:
    • A library for club knowledge such as procedures, forms, minutes, agendas etc.
  2. Work with Membership to produce the Annual Directory
  3. Work with other officers to continuously improve the site
    • Train incoming officers to work with the web
    • Solicit ideas
  4. Work with Tech Support individuals who can provide primary support to Board and other club members
  5. Webmaster supports the site as whole, provides second level tech support