Rossmoor Tennis Club

located in Walnut Creek, California

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Fri, Apr 19, 2024

RTC Membership Information

Joining RTC allows participation in numerous tournaments, attendance at social events sponsored by RTC, and participation in team and league play. Numerous levels of play are available. The club also maintains a ball machine on Court 2 at the Buckeye Tennis Complex, which requires an additional fee.

The club is transitioning to a new web site and is no longer accepting applications through this site. Please click on this message and you will be redirected to the new site automatically.

Click on one of the icons to join online or use a paper form.

  • Membership Online is for Rossmoor Residents ONLY. We prefer online renewals as it saves a lot of data entry effort.
  • Membership Non-Resident is only open to existing Non-Resident members
    • The Club is NOT accepting NEW non-resident membership applications at this time.
    • Legacy non-residents may continue to renew.
  • The system will follow up with an email detailing where to send a check
  • Membership using Paper is for those preferring traditional forms. 

Rossmoor Tennis Club is open to all residents of Rossmoor. Reminders for renewal membership are sent out to current members late in the calendar year. Prospective new members will find applications available in the kiosk at Buckeye Tennis Complex and or using the icons below.

Membership directories are printed and available in late January or early February. The online directory is always available to logged in members

Help Join Us!

PLEASE ... If you're an existing member, DO NOT attempt to set up a new account.  

If you're unclear how to LOGIN, press the LOGIN button at the top right corner of your screen and read the instructions there.

Membership using Paper

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Existing Users: Log in to renew, do not use the button below as it will create a new user, causing a lot of extra work.

Membership for Residents

Subscription Plans

2023 Tennis + Ball Machine